Dubai Taxi Fares See Slight Increase Due to Rising Petrol Prices


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Dubai Taxi Fares Increase: Dubai taxi riders, heads up! With the recent increase in petrol prices across the UAE, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has implemented a corresponding adjustment to taxi fares.

Taxi Fares Increase

As of May 1st, 2024, the per-kilometer Dubai Taxi Fares has risen from AED 1.97 to AED 2.09. This represents a 12 fils increase.

Dubai Taxi Fares Increase: What does this mean for you?

The good news is that the base fare of AED 12 per ride remains unchanged. Additionally, the cost reduction for booking a taxi during off-peak hours is still in effect. So, if you hail a cab on a random Saturday afternoon, you’ll still benefit from a slightly lower fare compared to booking during rush hour.

However, for regular taxi users, the per-kilometer increase will translate to slightly more expensive rides. The impact will vary depending on the distance traveled. For example, a 10-kilometer journey that previously cost AED 21.70 (AED 12 base fare + 1.97 * 10 kilometers) will now cost AED 22.90 (AED 12 base fare + 2.09 * 10 kilometers).

Why the increase?

The RTA has a dynamic pricing model for taxi fares, which means that the cost adjusts based on fluctuations in fuel prices. The recent rise in petrol prices across the UAE necessitated this fare adjustment to ensure the sustainability of the taxi industry.

Here’s a breakdown of the new petrol prices (as of April 30th, 2024) compared to those in effect in April:

  • Super 98: AED 3.34 (up from AED 3.15)
  • Special 95: AED 3.22 (up from AED 3.03)
  • E-Plus 91: AED 3.15 (up from AED 2.96)
  • Diesel: AED 3.07 (down from AED 3.09)

Planning your trips? Here are some tips:

  • Consider carpooling: Sharing a taxi with colleagues or friends heading in the same direction can significantly reduce the cost per person.
  • Utilize public transportation: Dubai boasts a well-developed metro system, trams, and buses. Depending on your destination, these options might be more economical, especially for shorter distances.
  • Plan your trips strategically: If you have some flexibility, consider scheduling your taxi rides for off-peak hours to benefit from the lower base fare.
  • Download ride-hailing apps: While they might not always be the cheapest option, ride-hailing apps like Uber and Careem can sometimes offer competitive fares, particularly during promotions.

The slight increase in taxi fares shouldn’t deter you from exploring Dubai’s vibrant city. By planning your trips strategically and considering alternative transportation options where feasible, you can continue to navigate the city efficiently and cost-effectively.

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