A Guide to UAE Public Holidays in 2024


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The year might be flying by, but there’s still plenty of time to look forward to in the UAE, with several upcoming UAE public holidays in 2024. The good news? There are a total of 14 public holidays for both public and private sectors according to the UAE Cabinet.

UAE public holidays

While some specific dates are yet to be announced, depending on moon sightings, we can dive into the confirmed UAE holidays and predicted dates to help you plan your breaks effectively.

Confirmed UAE Public Holidays in 2024

  • Monday, January 1: New Year’s Day
  • Ramadan 29 to Shawwal 3: Eid Al-Fitr (exact dates to be confirmed)
  • Dhu Al Hijjah 9: Arafat Day (exact date to be confirmed)
  • Dhu Al Hijjah 10 to 12: Eid Al-Adha (exact dates to be confirmed)
  • Muharram 1: Islamic New Year (exact date to be confirmed)
  • Rabi’ Al-Awwal 12: Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday (exact date to be confirmed)
  • Monday, December 2: National Day
  • Tuesday, December 3: National Day holiday

Predicted Dates for UAE Public Holidays in 2024

  • Monday, January 1: New Year’s Day (confirmed)
  • April 8 (Monday): Eid Al Fitr holiday (confirmed)
  • April 9 (Tuesday): Eid Al Fitr holiday (confirmed)
  • April 10 (Wednesday): First Day of Eid Al Fitr (confirmed)
  • April 11 (Thursday): Eid Al Fitr holiday (confirmed)
  • April 12 (Friday): Eid Al Fitr holiday (confirmed)
  • June 16 (Sunday): Arafat Day (predicted)
  • June 17 (Monday): Eid Al Adha holiday (predicted)
  • June 18 (Tuesday): Eid Al Adha holiday (predicted)
  • June 19 (Wednesday): Eid Al Adha holiday (predicted)
  • July 7 (Sunday): Islamic New Year (predicted)
  • September 15 (Sunday): Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday (predicted)
  • December 2 (Monday): National Day (predicted)
  • December 3 (Tuesday): National Day holiday (predicted)

Looking Ahead to Key UAE Public Holidays in 2024

  • Eid Al Fitr: Following Ramadan, Eid Al Fitr is the first major UAE public holiday in 2024. This year, Eid Al Fitr fell on April 10th, resulting in a fantastic nine-day break with the addition of weekends on either side.
  • Eid Al Adha: While Eid Al Adha in 2023 offered a six-day weekend, predictions suggest a five-day break in 2024. Arafat Day is expected to fall on June 16th, with Eid Al Adha kicking off on June 17th. This translates to a five-day break with the weekend, with the potential to extend it to nine days using just two days of annual leave.
  • National Day: The UAE’s National Day celebrations happen every year in December. This year, National Day falls on December 2nd, with public holidays expected on December 2nd and 3rd, offering another four-day weekend.

Planning Your Time Off with UAE Public Holidays

While some UAE public holiday dates are subject to change based on moon sightings, this guide provides a roadmap to plan your breaks effectively. With 14 UAE public holidays in 2024, there are plenty of opportunities for long weekends and extended vacations. So, mark your calendars, book your flights (if applicable), and get ready to make the most of your time off in the UAE!

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