Score a Free Pickl Burger on International Burger Day


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Attention, Dubai! Calling all burger enthusiasts with a taste for the extraordinary! Gear up for a juicy celebration of everyone’s favorite handheld meal – International Burger Day – with a free burger giveaway at Pickl, the reigning champion of Dubai’s best burgers.


Pickl Piles on the Free Burgers

Pickl, a name synonymous with mouthwatering burgers in Dubai, is taking their commitment to deliciousness a step further. This International Burger Day, they’re giving away 100 free Original Impossible Burgers to the first 100 lucky customers!

Here’s the Lowdown:

  • Date: Tuesday, May 28th, 2024
  • Time: Noon onwards (until all 100 burgers are claimed)
  • Location: Pickl, The Walk, JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence)
  • Phone Number: 04 447 2481

What You Get:

  • A single Original Impossible Burger, featuring a juicy, plant-based patty from Impossible Foods.
  • Topped with melty cheese, tangy dill pickles, crisp white onion, classic mustard, and tangy ketchup – all nestled between two pillowy potato buns.

The Beauty of Free Burgers:

The best part? You don’t have to spend a dime! This giveaway is based solely on who gets there first. So, set your alarms, gather your burger-loving crew, and get ready to sprint (metaphorically, of course) to JBR location.

Important Reminders:

  • This offer is limited to the first 100 customers only, so arrive early to secure your free burger.
  • It’s a single patty per customer, ensuring everyone gets a taste of award-winning burger magic.
  • No additional purchase is required to claim your free burger.

Pickl and Impossible Foods: A Plant-Based Powerhouse

This collaboration between Pickl and Impossible Foods is a win-win for burger lovers and sustainability enthusiasts alike.

  • Impossible Foods, a US-based company, is a leader in the plant-based meat revolution, crafting delicious and meaty alternatives that are kinder to the environment.
  • They are known for their premium ingredients and commitment to fresh, high-quality food, embraces innovation and caters to diverse dietary preferences.

Beyond the Freebie: A World of Flavor Awaits

Even if you miss out on the free burger bonanza, THEY offers a delectable selection of burgers to tantalize your taste buds. From their classic creations to gourmet offerings, there’s something to satisfy every burger craving.

Join the Pickl Craze: More Than Just Burgers

Pickl isn’t just about burgers; it’s an experience. Their JBR location offers a vibrant atmosphere perfect for catching up with friends, indulging in a solo burger date, or enjoying a casual family outing.

Mark Your Calendars and Get Ready to Devour:

So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars for International Burger Day, grab your burger-loving posse, and head down to Pickl on The Walk, JBR. With 100 free burgers up for grabs, deliciousness awaits! Don’t miss this opportunity to savor Pickl’s award-winning burger magic and experience the power of plant-based alternatives from Impossible Foods.

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