New Taxi Rates in Dubai: Your Guide 101 to Dubai’s Updated Taxi Fares


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Calling all Dubaians and visitors alike! Buckle up, because the landscape of taxi rides in the glittering emirate has shifted. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently introduced new taxi rates in Dubai, and knowing the ropes is key to avoiding unwanted surprises on your next trip. 

Fear not, for this handy guide will navigate you through the “New taxi rates in Dubai” empowering you to make informed choices and easily plan your journeys.

New taxi rates in Dubai

New taxi rates in Dubai: Flag Fall Fundamentals

First things first, let’s demystify the “flag fall rate.” It’s the starting point of your fare, the initial tick on the meter when your journey begins. Think of it as your entry ticket to the world of Dubai’s taxis. And guess what? It’s not a one-size-fits-all affair!

Time and Place Matter:

Your starting fare dances to the tune of time and location. Between 6 am and 10 pm, hailing a regular or family taxi on the street sets the meter buzzing at a friendly Dh5. After 10 pm, the night owls among us face a slightly higher flag fall of Dh5.50.

Special Considerations:

People of Determination deserve a smooth ride with dedicated flag fall rates. During daylight hours (6 am to 10 pm), their starting fare is Dh8, rising to Dh9 after dusk.

Planning ahead? Booking a regular, family, or female taxi online through Careem or RTA during rush hour comes with a Dh12 flag fall. Think of it as a premium for convenience!

Airport Adventures:

Touching down at Dubai International Airport or Port Rashid? Brace yourself for a Dh20 flag fall when hailing a regular taxi. Family taxis and those catering to People of Determination start their engines at Dh25.

Event Excitement:

Major exhibitions and international conventions like World Trade Centre, Expo City, and Global Village pulsate with energy. Naturally, taxi fares reflect this vibrancy, with a Dh20 flag fall during these buzzing event days.

Beyond the Flag Fall:

Remember, the New taxi rates in Dubai is just the opening act. Your final fare will be a dance of factors, including:

  • Distance traveled: Every kilometer adds to your bill, with specific rates depending on taxi type and time of day.
  • Salik tolls: Don’t forget, crossing a Salik gate incurs an additional Dh4 charge.
  • Inter-emirate travel: Venturing beyond Dubai’s borders? Add Dh20 to your final fare.
  • Waiting time: Stuck in traffic? The meter keeps ticking, with a Dh0.50 charge per minute of waiting.

Navigating the New Waters: New Taxi Rates in Dubai

With these insights in your pocket, you’re ready to sail smoothly through the updated taxi fares in Dubai. Remember, planning ahead helps you budget effectively. Consider booking online during rush hour or choosing the most cost-effective taxi type for your needs. Above all, enjoy the ride! Dubai’s bustling streets await, and now you know the New taxi rates in Dubai to navigate them like a seasoned pro.

So, the next time you hail a taxi in Dubai, embrace the “New taxi rates” with confidence. Happy travels!

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