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Calling all Dubai residents! Ever dreamt of seeing your own suggestion immortalized as a street name? Well, now’s your chance! The Dubai Road Naming Committee has launched a groundbreaking initiative, inviting the public to participate in naming the city’s future streets.

Street Names in Dubai

Street Names in Dubai: Get Involved – Shape Your City

The “Street Designation Proposal” platform, launched this week, empowers residents to submit suggestions for street names across Dubai. This innovative approach allows your creative spark to potentially leave a lasting mark on the city’s ever-expanding landscape.

So, Think You Can Do Better Than SZR? (Sheikh Zayed Road)

While naming a street after yourself might not fly, the committee offers a wide range of categories to inspire your suggestions. These categories celebrate:

  • Arabic and Islamic design: Honor the region’s rich heritage with names inspired by traditional architecture and aesthetics.
  • Poetry: Evoke a sense of beauty and history by referencing classic Arabic poems.
  • Local Bird Names: Celebrate the city’s vibrant avian population by suggesting names of native birds.
  • Minerals: Reflect the geological makeup of the region with names inspired by precious stones and minerals.
  • Camel and Horse Titles: Pay homage to the region’s Bedouin culture by suggesting names based on traditional titles used for these majestic animals.

Beyond Tradition: Modernity has its Place

The committee welcomes suggestions beyond these categories as well. You can propose names inspired by:

  • Squares and Forts: Highlight Dubai’s historical landmarks by referencing iconic forts and public spaces.
  • Ancient Jewelry: Evoke a sense of opulence and history with names referencing traditional jewelry styles.
  • Inventions and Modern Technology: Celebrate Dubai’s innovative spirit with names inspired by groundbreaking inventions and advancements.

A Case Study: Al-Khawaneej 2 Sets the Standard

The recently developed Al-Khawaneej 2 area serves as a perfect example. Streets there bear names inspired by local flora, such as Ghaf Street, named after one of the most iconic trees in the region. Other streets in the area carry street names like Sidr, Reehan, Faghi, Samer, and Shareesh, all referencing local plants and flowers.

Leave Your Mark on Dubai’s Future

This initiative is more than just naming streets; it’s about reviving heritage, reflecting future developments, and allowing residents to actively participate in shaping the city’s identity. As H.E. Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality and Chairman of the Dubai Road Naming Committee, stated:

“The new platform allows the public to suggest names… keeping in mind a comprehensive method and specific criteria that reflects our identity and interrelationship between past, present and future of Dubai.”

Ready to Submit Your Ideas?

Head over to and unleash your street names creativity! Remember, your street names suggestion could become a permanent fixture in Dubai’s urban landscape, a testament to your contribution to the city’s ever-evolving story. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to leave your mark on Dubai!

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