Unveiling MaltLive Dubai: Whisky Live Festival Takes Center Stage in Dubai in 2024


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Dubai, the trendsetting metropolis, is set to dazzle the region once again with the grand debut of the Whisky Live festival in mid-February 2024. Presented by the Malt Society Arabia (MSA) in collaboration with Paragraph Publishing, the globally acclaimed Whisky Live brand is gearing up to paint the town with the flavors of malted excellence.

Whisky Live festival

MaltLive Dubai: A Toast to Whisky Enthusiasts

Date and Venue

Mark your calendars for February 17, 2024, as the Sky Bubble of the iconic Meydan Hotel transforms into the epicenter of whisky indulgence. MaltLive Dubai promises an exhilarating celebration of the whisky universe, inviting both connoisseurs and newcomers to join in the festivities.

Ticket Options: Choose Your Whisky Adventure

  • Silver Band (AED 299 / £65)

The Silver Band ticket, priced at AED 299 or £65, unlocks the gateway to general entry. This ticket includes complimentary tastings throughout the day, access to the VIP lounge (for a nominal fee), and the opportunity to savor global cuisines from various vendors.

  • Gold Band (AED 699 / £150)

For those seeking a VIP experience, the Gold Band ticket, priced at AED 699 or £150, offers a deluxe package. It includes free tastings, unrestricted access to all event areas, including the VIP lounge, and priority entry to exclusive masterclasses. Additionally, Gold Band ticket holders can relish an international buffet at the exclusive VIP food court all day long.

The Prelude: A Gala Dinner Extravaganza

Before the whisky-soaked festivities kick off on February 17, a pre-event gala dinner on February 16 promises an intimate gathering. Senior representatives from global spirits brands, whisky bloggers, social media influencers, journalists, and celebrities will grace the occasion, setting the stage for what is bound to be an unforgettable Whisky Live experience.

MSA: Pioneers of Whisky Experiences

The brains behind this whisky spectacle, Malt Society Arabia (MSA), is a membership-based organization founded by whisky enthusiasts Puneet Sud, Sujeet Mitra, and Ganesh Iyer. MSA serves as a platform for sharing an unbridled passion for single malt whisky, curating unique experiences for its community members.

From whisky events and tastings to virtual and in-person sessions with industry experts, distillery visits, and exclusive members-only bottlings, MSA is dedicated to nurturing a community of like-minded whisky aficionados.

Whisky Live festival

Sujeet Mitra: Leading the MSA-Whisky Live Collaboration

At the forefront of the MSA partnership with Whisky Live is Sujeet Mitra, supported by his co-founders and the core leadership team at MSA. Mitra envisions MaltLive 2024 as a testament to Dubai’s unwavering commitment to being a trailblazer.

“Malt Live 2024 is testament to Dubai’s stubborn desire to be there first, all the time, every time,” stated Puneet Sud. Sujeet Mitra added that he believes the “event will doubtlessly prove to be a game changer for the local industry”.

Embrace the Whisky Renaissance: Be Part of MaltLive Dubai

In conclusion, MaltLive Dubai promises to be more than just a festival; it’s a cultural phenomenon, an ode to the evolving landscape of whisky appreciation. Whether you opt for the Silver Band or the opulent Gold Band, each ticket promises a journey through the rich tapestry of whisky flavors, accompanied by the vibrant spirit of Dubai.

As the city gears up to host the Whisky Live festival, Dubai once again asserts its prowess in shaping the future of entertainment and cultural experiences. Get ready to savor the moment, raise your glass, and immerse yourself in the world of MaltLive Dubai – where whisky aficionados unite in a toast to the finer things in life. Cheers to Dubai, the city that never ceases to amaze!

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