McDonald’s UAE Offers Free “After-Dinner Dinner” for the Still-Hungry Foodie


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Dubai, UAE – May 15, 2024 – Ever left a fancy restaurant feeling fancy and…famished? Fear not, fellow foodies! McDonald’s UAE is here to satisfy your post-dinner cravings with their new, limited-time offer: the “After-Dinner Dinner.”

McDonald's: After-Dinner Dinner

McDonald’s: After-Dinner Dinner

We’ve all been there. You splurge on a luxurious dining experience, complete with stunning ambiance and a picture-perfect menu. But sometimes, those picture-perfect portions leave your stomach grumbling for more.

Enter McDonald’s, the champion of late-night eats, with their solution to this age-old dilemma. The “After-Dinner Dinner” deal is simple: bring your receipt from any fine dining establishment in the UAE, exceeding AED 800 (approximately USD $217), to any McDonald’s UAE location between Wednesday, May 15th, and Tuesday, May 28th, from 9 pm to 4 am. In exchange for that proof of your previous indulgence, you’ll receive a complimentary McDonald’s meal, the perfect way to quell those late-night hunger pangs.

This offer applies to receipts from any date within the campaign period, so you can trade in that lingering emptiness from last weekend’s extravagant dinner for a satisfying McDonalds feast. Whether it’s a juicy Big Mac or a classic combo of fries and McNuggets, McDonald’s is here to ensure your night ends on a full stomach.

This isn’t the first time McDonalds UAE has embraced creative marketing tactics. Last year, they celebrated their pop-culture presence with the “as featured in” menu, featuring iconic dishes that have graced the silver screen. Fans could choose from a selection inspired by shows like Loki Season 2, complete with a Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce twist.

So, the next time a fine dining experience leaves you wanting a little more, remember, McDonalds UAE has your back (and your stomach) covered. With the “After-Dinner Dinner” deal, you can indulge in the best of both worlds: a luxurious night out followed by a satisfying and familiar comfort food experience.

Will you be trading in your fancy receipts for a free McDonald’s meal? Head down to your nearest McDonald’s UAE location after 9 pm and see for yourself!

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