Uber Teens: Uber Launches Safe Rides for 13-17 Year Olds


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Calling all Dubai parents! Buckle up, because the game-changer you’ve been waiting for has arrived: Uber Teens UAE. This innovative feature allows you to set up Uber accounts for your teens aged 13-17, granting them safe and supervised solo rides.

Uber Teens

Family on the Move, Less Stress All Around

Picture this: your teen needs a ride to soccer practice, but you’re stuck late at work. With Uber Teens UAE, fretting becomes a thing of the past. This specialized account empowers your teen to hail their own rides, while offering you peace of mind through a suite of built-in safety features.

How Does Uber Teens UAE Work?

Setting up Uber Teens UAE is a breeze. Access the Family Profile within your regular Uber app and invite your teen to create their own account. Once they complete a mandatory safety tutorial, they’ll be ready to request rides independently.

Safety First, Always

Uber prioritizes safety above all else, and Uber Teens UAE reflects that commitment. Here’s what makes this program exceptional:

  • Live Tracking and Updates: Never lose sight of your teen’s journey. The app provides real-time tracking, displaying the driver’s name, vehicle information, and the chosen drop-off location.
  • PIN Verification: An added layer of security comes with a trip-specific PIN. Your teen shares this PIN with the driver before the ride begins, ensuring only the designated driver accepts the trip.
  • RideCheck Technology: Uber leverages GPS and sensors to detect potential issues. If a ride deviates from the route, makes unexpected stops, or ends prematurely, the app prompts both the teen and driver to confirm everything is alright.
  • Optional Audio Recording: For ultimate peace of mind, Uber offers an in-app audio recording feature for the entire trip duration. The recording is saved on your teen’s device for your reference.
  • Enhanced Communication: Need to reach your teen during their ride? No problem! Uber Teens UAE allows direct communication with the driver at any point.
  • Experienced and Reputable Drivers: Only highly-rated drivers who have passed rigorous local background checks are eligible for Uber Teens trips. These drivers also have the option to opt-out of receiving teen ride requests.

Beyond Dubai: A GCC-Wide Initiative

The success of Uber Teens in California paved the way for its expansion across the GCC region. Following its UAE launch, Uber Teens is now available in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Qatar, offering families in these countries a similar level of convenience and security.

The Future of Teen Mobility

Uber Teens UAE is a significant advancement, empowering teens with newfound independence while providing parents with peace of mind. This innovative program signifies Uber’s commitment to evolving transportation solutions that cater to the specific needs of families in the region.

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