Dubai to Speed Up Public Transport with Dedicated Bus and Taxi Lanes


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Dubai commuters using public transportation can rejoice! The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has announced plans to construct dedicated lanes for buses and taxis across six major roads in the city. This initiative, spanning a total of 13.1 kilometers, aims to significantly improve travel times, reliability, and efficiency of public transport.

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Public Transport: Project Scope and Timeline

The project is scheduled for completion between 2025 and 2027. Upon completion, Dubai’s dedicated bus lane network will expand to a total length of over 20 kilometers. The six major roads set to receive these dedicated lanes include:

  • Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah Street
  • 2nd of December Street
  • Al Satwa Street
  • Al Nahda Street
  • Omar bin Al Khattab Street
  • Naif Street

Expected Benefits

This project is a multi-pronged approach to enhancing Dubai’s public transport system. Here’s a breakdown of the anticipated benefits:

  • Reduced Travel Times: The RTA estimates that bus travel times during peak hours will decrease by up to a staggering 59% on certain routes.
  • Improved Bus Arrival Times: Commuters can expect buses to arrive at designated stops with greater frequency and predictability. The project is expected to improve bus arrival times by up to 56% on some routes.
  • Increased Public Transport Ridership: With faster and more reliable journeys, the RTA hopes to incentivize residents to choose public transport over private vehicles, leading to reduced traffic congestion on Dubai’s roads.
  • Enhanced Taxi Service Efficiency: Dedicated lanes for taxis will also contribute to faster travel times and improved service efficiency for taxi users.

Previous Success and Positive Outlook

The RTA has already implemented dedicated bus and taxi lanes in some parts of Dubai, and the results have been encouraging. These earlier projects demonstrated a positive impact on travel times, paving the way for this larger-scale expansion.

Looking Ahead

The addition of dedicated lanes on these major roads signifies a significant commitment by the Dubai government to improve public transport infrastructure. With faster and more reliable commutes, residents are likely to find public transport a more attractive option. This shift, in turn, can lead to reduced traffic congestion on Dubai’s roads, benefiting everyone who travels within the city.

This project is part of a larger vision for Dubai’s transportation network. By prioritizing public transport, the city aims to create a more sustainable and efficient transportation system for residents and visitors alike.

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