Korea’s Massive Waterbomb Festival Makes Dubai Debut on June 7th and 8th


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Calling all party animals and K-Pop enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for a summer unlike any other in Dubai. The wildly popular WATERBOMB Festival, a staple of the South Korean music scene, is setting its sights on the Middle East for the first time, and Dubai is the lucky host city!


Mark your calendars for June 7th and 8th because Dubai Festival City is about to transform into a giant water-fueled party zone. This unique festival is the perfect way to beat the summer heat, combining electrifying live music with an epic, all-out water battle.

Waterbomb Festival: A Summer Extravaganza with a Twist

Imagine dancing the night away to your favorite K-Pop and EDM beats, with massive water cannons erupting throughout the performance, drenching the crowd in refreshing coolness. That’s the magic of WATERBOMB Festival! Attendees are encouraged to arm themselves with water pistols and embrace the playful chaos, creating an unforgettable atmosphere unlike any other music festival.

Global Phenomenon Arrives in Dubai

Having taken South Korea by storm, WATERBOMB Festival is embarking on a global tour, and Dubai is its first stop in the Middle East. After conquering every major city in South Korea last year, the festival is setting its sights on new horizons, with upcoming stops planned for Japan, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, and Singapore.

Star-Studded Lineup and K-Pop Magic

While the official artist lineup for the Dubai edition is yet to be announced, one thing’s for sure: attendees can expect a phenomenal mix of established superstars and rising underground talents. Whether you’re a die-hard K-Pop fan or simply enjoy great music, WATERBOMB Festival promises an unforgettable experience.

K-Pop Craze Sweeps the UAE

The timing of WATERBOMB Festival’s arrival in Dubai couldn’t be more perfect. Korean culture, and K-Pop in particular, has taken the UAE by storm. Data from Statista reveals that over 60% of UAE residents consider K-Pop to be either popular or very popular within the country. This immense popularity ensures a massive turnout for the festival, creating a vibrant celebration of Korean music and culture.

Stay Tuned for Ticket Details and Announcements

With the official news of WATERBOMB Festival coming to Dubai, anticipation is already building. Keep your eyes peeled on Time Out Dubai for all the upcoming announcements leading up to this epic summer party. While ticket prices are yet to be confirmed, they’ll go on sale starting April 26th.

So, dust off your water guns, polish your dancing shoes, and get ready to experience the hottest (or should we say coolest?) party of the season! The WATERBOMB Festival is coming to Dubai, and it promises to be an unforgettable summer spectacle.

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