Tadhamon: Community Steps Up to Rebuild After Severe Storm


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Tadhamon: Dubai’s spirit of community shines bright in the wake of last week’s historic storm. As the city recovers, residents are eager to help local businesses get back on their feet. From neighborhood WhatsApp groups to online platforms facilitating donations, Dubai stands united.


The Community Development Authority (CDA) has launched a new initiative on its Jood platform to streamline these efforts. This “Tadhamon” initiative, translating to “solidarity initiative” in English, allows businesses and individuals to directly support those impacted by the devastating floods with just a few clicks.

This Tadhamon initiative aligns with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council of Dubai. It reflects Dubai’s commitment to fostering a strong and supportive community, as envisioned in the Dubai Social Agenda 33 – the government’s comprehensive social development plan until 2033.

What is Jood?

Jood serves as a central hub for social and humanitarian efforts in Dubai. Its purpose is to cultivate a spirit of giving back, connecting companies and residents with opportunities to contribute. This initiative falls in line with the goals set by the Dubai Social Agenda 33, ensuring a thriving community for years to come.

How Does “Tadhamon” Help Dubai?

The CDA reports receiving a high volume of inquiries from businesses eager to assist those affected by the storm. “Tadhamon” provides a structured and transparent platform for these contributions, allowing for continued support and progress tracking.

Donating is simple – head to the “solidarity initiative” tab on the Jood platform and contribute any amount. Every contribution makes a difference.

As of today, Jood has recorded Dhs2,021,246 in donations through the platform. Additionally, the initiative offers real-time updates on support needs and achievements, fostering transparency and accountability in community efforts.

With many businesses still struggling to reopen and others just resuming normal operations, Dubai residents have a crucial chance to show their local pride and support through Tadhamon.

Standing Together in Recovery

The recent storm may have caused significant damage, but it has also revealed the remarkable strength and resilience of the Dubai community. Through collaborative efforts like “Tadhamon,” Dubai is well on its way to rebuilding and emerging even stronger.

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