RTA Advice for Safe Summer Driving in Dubai


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RTA Advice: Dubai’s summer is upon us, and with it comes scorching temperatures that can make driving a challenge. While most drivers know the struggle of a burning steering wheel, the RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) warns that the Dubai heat can also impact your car’s performance.

RTA Advice: Prioritize Vehicle Maintenance to Avoid Summer Breakdowns

RTA Advice: Prioritize Vehicle Maintenance to Avoid Summer Breakdowns

The RTA emphasizes the importance of proper vehicle maintenance throughout the year, but especially during the summer months. High temperatures and humidity can strain your car, making regular inspections crucial to prevent breakdowns and accidents.

Following the RTA Advice: A Summer Car Care Checklist

Here’s what the RTA advice checking under the hood to keep your car cool and safe during the Dubai heat:

  • Tires: Check tire pressure and tread depth regularly. Improperly inflated tires can overheat and potentially lead to blowouts.
  • Brakes: Ensure your brakes are in good working order. The heat can affect braking performance, so have them checked by a qualified mechanic.
  • Oils and Fluids: Check engine oil, coolant, and other vital fluids for proper levels and condition. Regular oil changes and top-ups are essential to maintain engine performance during the summer.
  • Cooling System: Pay close attention to your car’s cooling system. Have the coolant level checked and ensure the radiator and hoses are free of leaks or blockages. A malfunctioning cooling system can lead to overheating, a major risk in the Dubai heat.
  • Air Conditioning: A cool car interior is essential for driver comfort and focus. Get your air conditioning system checked to ensure it’s functioning properly and blowing cool air.
  • Battery: Extreme heat can shorten battery life. Have your battery tested to avoid getting stranded.
  • Lights and Windshield Wipers: Ensure all lights, including headlights, taillights, and brake lights, are functioning properly. Check windshield wipers for wear and tear, as sudden downpours are not uncommon in Dubai.
  • Leaks: Look for any oil or water leaks under the hood. Leaks can indicate underlying problems and should be addressed promptly.

RTA Advice: Staying Cool Behind the Wheel

The RTA’s advice extends beyond your car. Here are some tips to stay safe and comfortable on the road:

  • Hydration is Key: Drink plenty of water, especially on long journeys. Dehydration can impair your focus and reaction time.
  • Protect Your Eyes: Wear sunglasses to shield your eyes from the glare of the sun. Sunglasses also help reduce eye fatigue, keeping you alert while driving.
  • Never Leave Children or Pets Unattended: This should go without saying, but under no circumstances leave children or pets unattended in a parked car, especially during the scorching summer months.

RTA Advice: Parking Smart in the Dubai Heat

The RTA offers additional advice for parking your car during the Dubai heat:

  • Windshield Shade: When parking, consider using a windshield shade to deflect sunlight and prevent the interior from becoming an oven.
  • Seek Shade: Whenever possible, try to park your car in a shaded area. While these spots can be scarce, seeking shade will significantly reduce the car’s interior temperature.
  • Ventilation Trick: If shade is unavailable, crack the windows open slightly when parked to allow for some air circulation. This can help prevent the interior from becoming excessively hot.

By following the RTA’s advice, you can ensure your car is well-maintained and prepared for the summer heat. Remembering to stay hydrated, wear sunglasses, and park strategically will also contribute to a safe and comfortable driving experience during Dubai’s hottest months. So, put these RTA recommendations into practice, buckle up (after letting your seatbelt cool down!), and hit the road with confidence this summer!

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