Dubai’s RTA New Project in Al Mizhar Completed


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RTA New Project: Dubai’s relentless pursuit of smooth-flowing traffic continues with the completion of a significant new project by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). This RTA new project tackles a major pain point for residents – congestion around schools during pick-up and drop-off times.

RTA New Project

Anyone who’s ever navigated Dubai’s roads during rush hour knows the frustration of tail-to-tail traffic. This RTA new project directly addresses this concern, offering a much-needed solution for a bustling city.

RTA New Project: Wider Roads, Less Congestion

The completed project involves the widening of two key roads in Al Mizhar, a densely populated southeastern district of Dubai. This RTA new project expands both A11 and A26 from two lanes to four lanes in each direction, spanning a distance of 6.8 kilometers. This significant improvement effectively doubles the road capacity, taking it from a maximum of 1,200 vehicles per hour to a whopping 2,400.

The immediate benefit? A significant reduction in congestion, particularly during peak hours. This RTA new project is estimated to cut congestion in half, offering a welcome relief for residents who previously faced gridlock during school runs and commutes.

Schools Rejoice: No More Parking Wars

This RTA new project isn’t just about wider roads. It also tackles the perennial struggle for parking around schools. Understanding the stress parents face during pick-up and drop-off, the RTA has included the construction of 551 brand new parking spots in close proximity to schools within the project area. This thoughtful addition eliminates the frantic scramble for parking spaces, making school runs a smoother and less stressful experience for everyone.

Enhanced Safety and Eco-Conscious Design

The RTA new project goes beyond simply improving traffic flow. For enhanced safety and visibility, the project includes the installation of 90 eco-friendly street lighting poles throughout Al Mizhar. This not only improves nighttime navigation but also aligns with Dubai’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Promoting Healthy Habits:

Looking to encourage a healthy lifestyle among residents, the RTA new project incorporates a dedicated bicycle path alongside the newly widened roads. This addition provides a safe and convenient option for cyclists, promoting alternative modes of transportation and contributing to a more active and environmentally conscious community.

Part of a Larger Vision

This RTA new project in Al Mizhar is just one piece of the puzzle. It forms part of the RTA’s overarching traffic solutions strategy for 2024. This comprehensive plan aims to improve the lives of residents by tackling congestion across the city, ensuring smoother traffic flow, and promoting safer and more sustainable transportation options.

The successful completion of this RTA new project demonstrates the authority’s commitment to its vision of a well-connected and efficient transport network for Dubai. With wider roads, reduced congestion, ample parking, improved safety features, and even a dedicated cycling path, this project offers a significant improvement for residents in Al Mizhar and paves the way for a smoother traffic flow across the entire city.

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