New Year, Free Tolls: Cruise into 2024 in Abu Dhabi and Dubai!


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The countdown is on, the bubbly is chilling, and the Emirates are gearing up for a dazzling New Year’s Eve bash! But before you slip into your sequins and raise a toast under the fireworks, there’s some fantastic news that’ll make your celebration even sweeter: both Abu Dhabi and Dubai are waving goodbye to parking fees and toll charges on New Year’s Day! That’s right, you can ring in 2024 without worrying about parking tickets or the dreaded “Free Toll” lanes being closed.

Abu Dhabi: 

Get ready to explore the capital city with ease! The Integrated Transport Centre has announced that all surface parking fees will be waived on Monday, January 1st, until 7:59 am on Tuesday, January 2nd. This means you can park your car freely in designated areas across the city, from bustling Downtown to the picturesque Corniche. And the good news doesn’t stop there! All four Darb toll gates entering Abu Dhabi island will also be free to pass through during this period. So, whether you’re heading to a celebratory brunch at the Emirates Palace or catching the fireworks over Yas Marina Circuit, you can cruise through the city without a single toll booth in sight.

Free Toll


The City of Gold is joining the free-for-all too! On Thursday, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority confirmed that parking will be free in all areas except multi-storey car parks on January 1st. This means you can park your car near your favorite beachside restaurant, explore the vibrant souks, or wander through the Dubai Mall without the hassle of finding change for parking meters. Just remember, the free parking offer doesn’t extend to multi-storey car parks, so keep an eye out for signage if you’re heading to one of those.

Free Toll

Free Tolls, Endless Possibilities:

With the shackles of parking fees and tolls lifted, you have endless possibilities for your New Year’s Day adventure in the Emirates. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Free Toll your way to a sunrise breakfast at the top of Burj Khalifa and witness breathtaking panoramic views of the city as the sun paints the sky with golden hues.
  • Free Toll around the iconic Sheikh Zayed Road, soaking in the dazzling New Year’s decorations and festive atmosphere.
  • Free Toll it to the beach for a relaxing post-party dip in the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea.
  • Free Toll your way through the vibrant souks, hunting for unique souvenirs and treasures.
  • Free Toll it to a desert safari for a thrilling adventure amidst the golden dunes, followed by a traditional feast under the starlit sky.


  • While parking is free in most areas, always be mindful of parking regulations and avoid blocking traffic or parking in prohibited zones.
  • Public buses will be operating on regular weekend and public holiday schedules on New Year’s Day.
  • Multi-storey car parks will still have parking fees, so check the signage before entering.

So, ditch the worry lines and embrace the freedom! With free parking and tolls in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, your New Year’s Day is sure to be a breeze (and a wallet-saver!). Get ready to explore, celebrate, and create unforgettable memories in the dazzling Emirates.

Free Toll your way into a fantastic 2024!

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