Celebrates New Year’s Eve: Dubai Roads Closures, Security Blitz, and Dazzling Fireworks Await


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Dubai, the city of soaring skyscrapers and boundless ambition, is gearing up for a New Year’s Eve spectacle like no other. While dazzling fireworks paint the night sky and pulsating music fills the air, a meticulously planned Dubai roads operation is already underway behind the scenes. This blog delves into the intricate preparations, ensuring a safe and unforgettable celebration for everyone.

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Navigating the Night: Dubai Roads Get Strategic

New Year’s Eve in Dubai comes with some temporary changes to the city’s usual traffic flow. To ensure everyone’s safety and smooth movement, key Dubai roads will be progressively closed, starting at 4 pm on December 31st. Here’s a breakdown of the timings:

  • 4 pm: Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, the glamorous artery lined with luxury establishments, begins its closure.
  • 4 pm: Al Asayel Road, leading to popular Downtown destinations, also shuts down.
  • 8 pm: The upper level of the Financial Road bids farewell to traffic, while the lower level closes at 4 pm.
  • 9 pm: The crown jewel, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai’s arterial highway, undergoes a complete closure to all vehicles.

Early arrival and a reliance on public transport are highly encouraged. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) will be deploying buses to ferry partygoers around the designated celebration zones for free. Remember to plan your journey thoroughly, taking the Dubai roads closures into account, and prioritize public transportation for a stress-free evening.

Safety First: 10,000 Guardians of the Night

Dubai’s New Year’s Eve celebrations prioritize safety and security above all. Over 10,000 police officers and volunteers will be on duty across 32 designated celebration venues, including the awe-inspiring Burj Khalifa, the opulent Burj Al Arab, and the vibrant Festival City. This robust security presence ensures everyone can enjoy the festivities with peace of mind.


To further enhance comfort and well-being, 30 support tents will be strategically placed around these locations. These tents offer essential amenities like water, food, medical assistance, and even a lost-and-found service, ensuring everyone’s needs are met throughout the night.

Collaboration is Key: A City in Harmony

Dubai’s New Year’s Eve is not a solo act. The Event Preparation Committee has diligently planned for months, holding numerous meetings with key partners like the RTA, Civil Defence, and the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance. Fifty-five internal and external partners come together to create a seamless and unforgettable Dubai roads experience for residents and visitors alike.

Countdown to Celebration: Embrace the Festivities

With meticulous planning, robust security, and a focus on convenience, Dubai is set to usher in the new year with style and panache. So, whether you’re a seasoned Dubai resident or a first-time visitor, embrace the city’s vibrant energy and prepare to be dazzled. Arrive early, utilize public transport to travel the Dubai roads, and savor the excitement of Dubai’s New Year’s Eve, where spectacular celebration meets meticulous planning for a truly unforgettable night.

Tips for a Hassle-Free New Year’s Eve in Dubai:

  • Plan your journey beforehand, keeping the road closures in mind.
  • Opt for public transport to avoid traffic congestion on Dubai Roads and parking woes.
  • Arrive early at your chosen celebration venue to secure a good spot.
  • Stay informed by checking the Dubai Police social media platforms for updates and advisories.
  • Most importantly, relax, enjoy the festivities, and ring in the new year with unforgettable memories from Dubai!

May your New Year’s Eve in Dubai be filled with dazzling fireworks, pulsating music, and the joyous spirit of celebration!

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