Drivers Cheer as UAE Petrol Prices Continue Descent in January 2024


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The new year brings good news for motorists in the UAE, as petrol prices across all grades continue their downward trend for the month of January 2024. Announced by the UAE petrol price committee, the revised rates offer welcome relief to drivers grappling with inflation and rising costs.

UAE petrol price

Super 98, the priciest petrol variant, sees a drop of 14 fils per liter, now retailing at Dh2.82. Special 95 follows suit with a decline of 14 fils, bringing its UAE petrol price to Dh2.71 per liter. The most significant decrease comes for E-Plus 91, which falls by 13 fils to Dh2.64 per liter. Diesel drivers also benefit, with a 19 fils reduction to Dh3 per liter.

Months/2023Super 98Special 95E-Plus 91

This marks the third consecutive month of petrol price reductions in the UAE, offering significant savings for motorists compared to December 2023. Notably, a full tank of Super 98 will now cost Dh77.8 less, while E-Plus 91 drivers can expect a saving of Dh63.8 over a full tank. These reductions reflect global oil price movements, with the international benchmark Brent crude trading lower in recent months.

“The continued decrease in UAE petrol prices is a positive development for UAE residents,” said Ahmed Al-Hassan, an economist in Dubai. “It will free up some discretionary income, which can be spent on other necessities or even boost consumer confidence.”

The UAE petrol price adjustments are aligned with the UAE government’s policy of linking domestic fuel prices to global oil market fluctuations. This policy aims to ensure transparency and fairness for consumers while reflecting the realities of international energy markets.

However, some experts urge caution. While the lower  UAE petrol prices provide immediate relief, the volatility of global oil prices remains a concern. “Consumers should not expect this downward trend to continue indefinitely,” warned Sarah Mohammed, an energy analyst in Abu Dhabi. “Global oil markets are influenced by numerous factors, and any sudden shift could lead to UAE petrol price increases in the future.”

For now, UAE drivers can enjoy the lower fuel costs and plan their budgets accordingly. Whether taking family road trips, commuting to work, or simply running errands, the UAE petrol price reduction offers a welcome start to the new year.

Beyond the immediate savings, the UAE petrol price adjustments raise some interesting questions:

  • Will the downward trend continue in the coming months?
  • Will this impact public transportation usage in the UAE?
  • What other measures can the government take to ease the burden of rising costs on consumers?

These are questions that will be closely watched by economists, policymakers, and drivers alike as the year progresses. One thing is certain – cheaper petrol in January brings a much-needed dose of positivity and financial ease for motorists in the UAE.

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