Get Ready for a Year of Epic Breaks in the UAE: Your 2024 Holiday Guide


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Hold onto your hats, sunseekers and sandcastle builders, because the UAE’s 2024 holiday calendar is here to blow your flip flops off! From epic religious celebrations to cultural throwdowns and plenty of long weekends to recharge your batteries, get ready for a year that’s as vibrant as a Dubai sunset.

New Year’s Day (Monday, January 1st)

New Year's Day (Monday, January 1st)

Kick things off with a three-day fiesta! No work, all play – sleep in, hit the beach, or explore the city with your squad.

Eid Al Fitr (Dates to be confirmed in March/April)

Eid Al Fitr (Dates to be confirmed in March/April)

Get ready for the grand finale of Ramadan! This five-to-six-day extravaganza is all about family, feasting, and celebrating. Expect delicious dates, vibrant markets, and a contagious sense of joy.

Arafat Day & Eid Al Adha (Dates to be confirmed in June/July)

Arafat Day & Eid Al Adha (Dates to be confirmed in June/July)

Time for some serious reflection followed by non-stop celebrations! Arafat Day is a day of prayer and fasting, while Eid Al Adha brings on the four-to-five-day feast with roasted lamb, family gatherings, and good vibes all around.

Islamic New Year (Muharram 1, Sunday, 7th July)

Islamic New Year (Muharram 1, Sunday, 7th July)

While not an official holiday, this day marks a fresh start in the Islamic calendar. Businesses might have shorter hours, but it’s a cool opportunity to learn about different cultures and traditions.

Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) Birthday (Tuesday, December 3rd)

Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) Birthday (Tuesday, December 3rd)

Show some respect and understanding on this special day. Some businesses might have adjusted hours, but it’s a chance to connect with colleagues of different faiths and learn about their beliefs.

Bonus Breaks for the Go-Getters:

  • Commemoration Day (December 1st): Honor fallen heroes and soak up the patriotic spirit. Businesses might be closed, but it’s a chance to reflect on the UAE’s resilience. 🇦🇪
  • National Day (December 2nd-3rd): Get ready for two days of national pride! Expect parades, fireworks, and a general sense of euphoria. It’s the perfect time to bond with your team and celebrate all things UAE.

Pro Tips for Conquering the UAE’s 2024 Holidays:

  • Plan your work schedule around the holidays to avoid last-minute stress.
  • Communicate holiday schedules and expectations with your team early on.
  • Use the long weekends to explore other parts of the UAE or recharge your batteries.
  • Embrace the local culture and traditions – it’s all part of the adventure!
  • **Don’t forget the sunscreen – the UAE sun is no joke! **

So there you have it, folks! Your ultimate guide to conquering the UAE’s 2024 holidays. Get ready for a year of party, cultural immersion, and maybe a few extra snooze buttons. Remember, it’s not just about the holidays, it’s about making the most of every moment in this incredible country. 

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