Dubai Electric Scooter Cup: Revving Up for a Sustainable Revolution on Two Wheels


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Mark Your Calendars: Buckle up, scooter enthusiasts! The inaugural Dubai Electric Scooter Cup roars onto the scene on Saturday, December 16th, transforming the d3 Design District Dubai into a buzzing hub of electrifying action. Forget your average race day – this is a game-changer for sustainable mobility, a glimpse into the future of urban transportation, and a celebration of pure, unadulterated fun on two wheels.

More Than Just a Race

While the heart-pounding battles on the custom-designed 340-meter track will leave you breathless, the Dubai Electric Scooter Cup goes far beyond the checkered flag. This event is a sustainable revolution in motion, showcasing the latest innovations in e-scooter technology, the power of green transportation, and the potential for a cleaner, more connected future.

Dubai Electric Scooter Cup

Who Can Ride?

This isn’t an exclusive club for seasoned professionals. From veteran racers pushing their limits to weekend warriors testing their skills, the competition welcomes everyone with a driving license, lol. Whether you’re a seasoned competitor or just itching to experience the thrill of e-scooting, find your category and get ready to charge up the excitement.

Dubai Electric Scooter Cup

Beyond the Finish Line

The action doesn’t stop at the checkered flag. Dive into the interactive exhibits showcasing cutting-edge battery advancements and futuristic designs. Workshops and demos offer hands-on experiences with the latest technology, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on two wheels. This is more than just a race; it’s a knowledge exchange, a tech playground, and a community hub for everyone who believes in a better tomorrow.

Backed by Big Names

This revolution isn’t happening in a vacuum. The Dubai Electric Scooter Cup is fueled by the combined vision of the Dubai Sports Council, the Federation for Micromobility & Sport, and the Executive Office of Dubai. Their commitment to sustainability and innovation paves the way for a greener, more connected future, and their support is a testament to the transformative power of e-mobility.

Dubai Electric Scooter Cup

What to Expect

Buckle up for a day of adrenaline-pumping races, sustainable vibes, and tech adventures that will leave you wanting more. Witness the world’s best riders pushing the limits of speed and skill, immerse yourself in the world of green transportation, and get hands-on with the future of urban mobility. This is more than just a race; it’s a movement, a celebration, and an invitation to be part of something bigger.

Join the Movement: Don’t be a spectator; be a participant! 

Register, grab your tickets, and follow the action on @escooterrace. This is your chance to be part of a revolution on two wheels, a movement that’s changing the way we move and the way we think about our planet.

Get Ready to Charge Up

The Dubai Electric Scooter Cup isn’t just a race; it’s a spark, an ignition, a catalyst for change. So, dust off your helmet, grab your scooter, and get ready to charge up for a day that will leave you breathless and inspired. The future of mobility is electrifying, and it all starts on December 16th in Dubai.

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