First Alcohol Store in Saudi Arabia for Non-Muslim Diplomats


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In a groundbreaking move, Saudi Arabia is set to open its first Alcohol Store in Saudi Arabia in the capital city of Riyadh, catering exclusively to non-Muslim diplomats. The initiative is a significant step in the kingdom’s ambitious efforts, led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to transform the ultra-conservative Muslim nation into a more tourism and business-friendly destination, aligning with the broader goals outlined in Vision 2030 for a diversified, post-oil economy.

Alcohol Store in Saudi Arabia

Store Details and Regulations:

Customers interested in purchasing alcohol from the Alcohol Store in Saudi Arabia must register through a designated mobile app. Additionally, they are required to obtain a clearance code from the foreign ministry and adhere to monthly quotas for their alcohol purchases. The Alcohol Store in Saudi Arabia, located in Riyadh’s Diplomatic Quarter, a neighborhood predominantly housing embassies and diplomats, is explicitly designated for non-Muslims, with strict restrictions in place.

It remains unclear whether the Alcohol Store in Saudi Arabia will extend access to other non-Muslim expatriates residing in Saudi Arabia, as the majority of the expatriate population comprises Muslim workers from Asia and Egypt. The source suggests that the opening of the store is imminent, expected to occur within the coming weeks.

Alcohol Store in Saudi Arabia: Shift in Alcohol Regulations

Alcohol Store in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has long maintained strict laws against the consumption of alcohol, with penalties ranging from severe corporal punishment, deportation, fines, to imprisonment. However, recent reforms have seen a shift towards more lenient measures, replacing the once common practice of whipping with jail sentences. Historically, alcohol has only been accessible through diplomatic mail or the black market.

The government‘s decision to establish an official Alcohol Store in Saudi Arabia reflects a significant change in approach, signaling a departure from the past and aligning with the broader vision of modernization and economic diversification. The move also coincides with recent reports of the Saudi government imposing new restrictions on alcohol imports within diplomatic consignments, potentially increasing the demand for the forthcoming store.

Government Response and Vision 2030:

While the Saudi government has not issued an official statement regarding the Alcohol Store in Saudi Arabia, state-controlled media reported new restrictions on alcohol imports within diplomatic consignments. This move aims to counter what has been described as the “improper exchange of special goods and alcoholic beverages” received by non-Muslim embassies in the country.

The establishment of the Alcohol Store in Saudi Arabia is part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s broader Vision 2030 initiative, which envisions a transformed Saudi Arabia. The Vision includes opening the country to non-religious tourism, hosting concerts, allowing women to drive, and relaxing strict social codes, such as gender segregation and dress requirements. Simultaneously, the government is tightening its grip on power, evident in the crackdown on dissent and political rivals.

Alcohol Store in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s decision to open its first alcohol store for non-Muslim diplomats marks a significant milestone in the kingdom’s ongoing efforts to reshape its image and diversify its economy. As the store prepares to open its doors in the coming weeks, it signals a departure from traditional norms and reflects a commitment to accommodating the needs of an increasingly diverse expatriate community. The move is in line with Vision 2030’s broader objectives, showcasing the nation’s commitment to modernization, economic transformation, and the cultivation of a more inclusive society. The world will be watching closely as Saudi Arabia continues on its path of reform, navigating the delicate balance between tradition and progress.

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