Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates Jogging Pond Restored to Pristine State Amid Algae Concerns


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In a recent turn of events, the Mall of the Emirates Jogging Pond in Al Barsha, Dubai, has undergone restoration after concerns were raised by residents about the declining water quality. The scenic spot, situated near the Mall of the Emirates Metro Station and opposite the Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates, experienced an unusual brownish tint, leading to speculations about potential algal blooms affecting the pond.

Mall of the Emirates

Visitors who frequent the area, both locals and tourists alike, were disturbed by the thick layers of unsightly tea-colored or brown water. Algal blooms, dense accumulations of tiny green plants on the water’s surface, are often caused by an excess of nutrients, primarily phosphorus. This can lead to concerns about the ecological balance and the overall health of the water body.

Even regular visitors like Alain, a Filipino expatriate who has been using the park for nearly two years, expressed surprise at the deteriorating conditions. Alain mentioned, “I regularly walk or run along the trail, given its proximity to my residence. However, the muddy brown water is a turn-off. There’s now an unpleasant smell lingering in the air.”

Mall of the Emirates Jogging Pond Restored by Dubai Municipality

Responding to the concerns, the Dubai Municipality, responsible for park maintenance, issued a statement. They explained that saline lakes can occasionally turn a pink or reddish hue due to the proliferation of a pigmented species of protozoan, an organism similar to algae. The municipality assured the public that this is a natural occurrence and has happened before without causing any adverse effects.

Imteyaz Ahmad, Managing Director of Future Water and Power Consulting, suggested that the discolored water might be the onset of an algae bloom, possibly linked to weather conditions and changes in water quality. Despite concerns, Dubai Municipality reiterated that the alteration in watercolor does not indicate any harm to the surrounding environment and that the water remains entirely safe.

In their statement, the municipality stated, “Numerous lakes in the UAE have experienced this natural phenomenon before. It can last for a few days, weeks, or even months, after which the water gradually returns to its original color.” They further shared recent pictures showing the water restored to its original clarity, emphasizing that the restoration was a result of natural processes.

The municipality’s proactive approach to addressing the concerns of residents and visitors reflects their commitment to maintaining the city’s natural spaces. While the temporary discoloration raised alarms, the authorities’ quick response and transparent communication with the public have helped alleviate fears about potential environmental harm.

Mall of the Emirates

Dubai’s dedication to environmental sustainability is well-known, with various initiatives aimed at preserving natural resources and enhancing the overall quality of life for its residents and visitors. The restoration of the Mall of the Emirates Jogging Pond serves as a testament to the city’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of its natural spaces and the satisfaction of those who enjoy them.

As the scenic spot regains its pristine state, it is expected that residents and tourists will once again flock to the Mall of the Emirates Jogging Pond to enjoy its beauty and tranquility, reassured by the Dubai Municipality’s efforts to maintain the ecological balance of this popular recreational area.

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