Dubai Roads: Residents Hopeful as UAE Government Mulls Over New Federal Highway


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Dubai Roads: Spending hours in traffic has become a daily ordeal for many UAE residents, with an estimated loss of one day each month due to road congestion. While no formal study supports this claim, motorists argue that the time spent stuck in traffic could have been better utilized with family and friends. 

Dubai Roads

In response to these concerns, the UAE government is considering a proposal for a new federal highway that aims to alleviate Dubai roads traffic woes and enhance connectivity between the seven emirates.

Traffic Woes Hit Emiratis and Expats Alike

Daily commutes for UAE residents have turned into significant time drains, affecting personal and professional lives. Khadija Bilal, an Emirati working mother, expressed her frustration, stating that the time spent in Dubai roads traffic could have been quality time with her children at home. Other working parents shared similar sentiments, with one mentioning that the additional time spent in traffic on the way home amounts to more than 20 hours monthly, almost equivalent to losing a day each month.

Dubai Roads

New Federal Highway Proposal Gains Traction

Addressing the Federal National Council (FNC), Suhail bin Mohammed Al Mazrouei, the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure, acknowledged the severity of traffic congestion on federal roads linking Dubai and the Northern Emirates. The FNC proposed the construction of a new highway or the expansion of existing ones to address the issue. Minister Al Mazrouei stated that the government would carefully study the proposal, evaluating the need for new infrastructure or alternative solutions to reduce road congestion.

The Impact of Dubai Roads Traffic on Daily Lives

FNC member Dr. Adnan Hamad Al Hammadi highlighted the adverse effects of traffic congestion on employees who live in the Northern Emirates and work in Dubai. According to him, these roads drain significant hours from commuters, affecting their commitment and productivity at work. The existing primary highways, including Al Ittihad, Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed, and Emirates roads, are struggling to accommodate the growing number of vehicles, leading to increased traffic congestion.

Residents Welcome the Proposed Solution

Emiratis and expats alike have welcomed the announcement of a potential new federal highway. Residents believe that this initiative will reduce travel time and enhance overall connectivity, providing them with more time for personal and family activities. Fatima Al Shehhi, a commuter from Ras Al Khaimah to Dubai, expressed hope that the new highway would make her daily commute more efficient, allowing her to spend more time with her family.

The Realities of Daily Commutes

Working parents, like A Sahany from Al Ghadeer, shared their experiences of spending additional time in traffic during peak hours. Sahany loses around 40 minutes daily due to traffic, translating to approximately 14 hours each month. Commuters emphasized the need for additional road arteries to ease traffic flow, with one expat CEO suggesting that more routes between the E611 and E311 would make a significant difference.

Dubai Roads

Seeking a Holistic Approach to Dubai Roads Traffic Solutions

Urban planner and architect Aileen Llagas commended the government’s initiative to address traffic congestion but proposed a more holistic approach. Llagas suggested that the root cause of congestion lies in the increasing reliance on private cars for transportation. She advocates for a robust inter-emirate public transport system as a long-term solution. Llagas acknowledged the unique challenges each city faces and emphasized the importance of involving the opinions of those directly affected to find the most effective solutions.

In conclusion, the proposal for a new federal highway for Dubai roads in the UAE comes as a ray of hope for residents grappling with daily traffic woes. While the government explores infrastructure improvements, the call for a comprehensive, long-term solution for Dubai roads that includes public transport enhancements highlights the need for a multifaceted approach to address the growing challenges of road congestion in the region.

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