Chilling Delight: UAE Records Coldest Day of the Year at 5.3°C


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As winter tightens its grip across the globe, residents of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are relishing a rare treat – the coldest day of the year. The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) officially recorded temperatures dropping to 5.3°C in Raknah (Al Ain) at 7.30 am on January 10, marking a chilly milestone for 2024. This news comes after a series of cold fronts have swept through the region, providing residents with a refreshing break from the typical warm climate.

Record-Breaking Cold: Coldest Day of the Year in Dubai

January 10 marked the coldest day of the year in the UAE, with Raknah experiencing a bone-chilling 5.3°C. This is the lowest temperature recorded by the NCM so far in 2024, following a slightly higher reading of 5.8°C in the same area on Thursday. Notably, Raknah has been a frontrunner in experiencing colder temperatures compared to other regions. However, the Jebel Jais mountain took the spotlight on January 9 when it recorded a temperature drop to 7.2°C, hinting at the diverse range of temperatures across the country.

Winter in the UAE:

The winter months officially commenced in the UAE after December 21, and meteorological experts suggest that the country has experienced a milder winter compared to previous years. Despite the cold front, December’s average temperature has been higher than usual, adding a unique twist to the seasonal weather patterns.

Jebel Jais: A Winter Wonderland:

For outdoor and adventure enthusiasts, the drop in temperature brings the promise of enjoying the snow-capped beauty of Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaimah. Fahad Mohamad Abdul Rehman, renowned as one of the most dedicated storm chasers in the UAE, highlights Jebel Jais as one of the most attractive winter destinations. In an interview, he expressed his joy in reaching such locations, stating, “It’s cold, but I feel happy, peaceful, and positive when I reach such locations. The white snow-covered mountains in the winter months make it all the more inviting.”

The Charm of Winter in the UAE:

As temperatures continue to drop, residents are urged to embrace the cold weather by donning cozy sweaters and relishing the refreshing change. The unexpected cold front offers a break from the typical warm climate, allowing residents and tourists alike to experience a different side of the UAE.

The recent record-breaking coldest day of the year in the UAE, with temperatures plunging to 5.3°C, has provided residents with a unique and refreshing experience. As winter unfolds, the diverse range of temperatures across different regions, particularly in areas like Raknah and Jebel Jais, showcases the country’s climatic diversity. For outdoor enthusiasts, the allure of snow-capped mountains adds a captivating dimension to winter in the UAE. So, it’s time to bundle up in those cozy sweaters, step outside, and embrace the chill that has descended upon the desert landscapes of the United Arab Emirates.

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