Dubai Metro Struggles to Recover After Historic UAE Storm


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Dubai Metro: Commuters in Dubai face continued disruption on the city’s vital metro network as the aftermath of the historic UAE storm unfolds. The unprecedented rainfall, the most ever recorded in the nation, caused widespread flooding, impacting several stations on both the red and green lines.

Dubai Metro

Roads and Transport Authority: Dubai Metro

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is scrambling to restore full service. Today, maintenance work continues, forcing the temporary closure of some stations. Passengers on the red line can only travel between:

  • BurJuman Station and Business Bay Station
  • Centrepoint and GGICO Station
  • Jabal Ali Station and Expo City Station

The green line is similarly affected, with service limited to:

  • Etisalat & e Station and Abu Hail Station
  • Creek Station and Al Ras Station

For those impacted by the closures, the RTA is offering a lifeline: free shuttle bus services. These buses will operate at the affected stations, providing alternative transportation options for commuters who rely on the metro.

The disruption comes after the RTA took proactive measures on Tuesday, extending the Dubai Metro’s operating hours until 3:00 AM on Wednesday. This decision aimed to ease travel during the stormy conditions and alleviate pressure on the trains. However, with the worsening weather and subsequent flooding, the extension wasn’t enough to prevent today’s disruptions.

The situation highlights the vulnerability of Dubai’s infrastructure to extreme weather events. While the city is known for its advanced technology and resilience, the sheer scale of this storm presented a unique challenge.

The RTA is urging the public to travel only if absolutely necessary. This advice reflects the ongoing recovery efforts and the need to minimize strain on the city’s transportation network. Commuters are encouraged to stay updated on the latest developments through official RTA channels, which will provide real-time information on service disruptions and the availability of shuttle buses.

While the storm may have passed, its impact continues to be felt. The temporary closures on the Dubai Metro are a significant inconvenience for residents who rely on this efficient and popular transportation system. However, the RTA’s swift response and deployment of free shuttle buses demonstrate the city’s commitment to minimizing disruption and ensuring the safety of its citizens.

As recovery efforts progress, commuters can expect a gradual return to normal service on the Dubai Metro. The RTA’s engineers and technicians are working diligently to address the flood damage and ensure the safe operation of the trains. In the meantime, patience and understanding are crucial for managing the temporary disruptions caused by this historic UAE storm.

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