Aprons and Hammers: Popular Beachfront Dining Gets a Revamp on The Palm


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Get ready to dig into fresh seafood with a side of stunning beachfront views! The iconic Aprons and Hammers is making a splash with the reopening of its beloved Beach House – but this time, in a brand new location.

Aprons and Hammers

Loyal fans can rejoice! The popular restaurant, known for its delicious American seafood dishes, is embarking on an “exciting new chapter,” as co-founder and creative director Nichola Fettis describes it. While the core concept remains the same – offering diners a fun and casual al fresco dining experience – the setting is getting a complete overhaul.

Aprons and Hammers: A New Anchor Drops on The Palm

Moving away from its previous location, Aprons and Hammers Beach House will now call Shoreline 10 on the east of Palm Jumeirah in Dubai its home. This prime beachfront spot promises breathtaking vistas and a vibrant atmosphere, perfect for a relaxed weekend getaway. Nestled right next to Club Vista Mare, the new location offers easy accessibility for eager diners.

Fresh Flavors, Familiar Favorites

Fear not, seafood lovers! While the scenery is changing, the heart of Aprons and Hammers – its delectable menu – remains firmly rooted in the brand’s identity. Diners can still expect a mouthwatering selection of American seafood classics, featuring dishes that pay homage to various regions across the US. From succulent lobster rolls hailing from Maine to hearty gumbos with Louisiana roots, and cedar wood-grilled salmon reminiscent of the Alaskan coast, Aprons and Hammers promises a culinary journey across the American seafood landscape.

More Than Just a Meal: A Weekend Destination

The new Aprons and Hammers Beach House isn’t just about the food. The exciting revamp extends to the overall experience. Get ready for live music and entertainment, adding a touch of lively ambiance to your dining experience. This exciting addition promises to transform Aprons and Hammers Beach House into a weekend hotspot, perfect for gathering with friends and family and soaking up the vibrant atmosphere.

A Legacy of Freshness

The story of Aprons and Hammers began back in 2011, when the brand first set sail aboard a traditional wooden dhow. Since then, it has expanded to multiple locations, establishing itself as a beloved Dubai institution. The reopening of the Beach House marks a significant milestone for the brand, signifying its continued commitment to offering fresh, delicious seafood in a unique and inviting setting.

A New Chapter Beckons

With its stunning new location, revamped experience, and commitment to its core values, Aprons and Hammers Beach House is poised to write a new chapter in its success story. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a curious newcomer, the reopening presents an exciting opportunity to indulge in a taste of the American coast, right here on the shores of Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah. So, keep your eyes peeled for the official opening date and get ready to experience Aprons and Hammers Beach House like never before!

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