Severe Storm: Emirates Suspends Check-In Service


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Emirates: Dubai, still reeling from the aftermath of the most severe storm ever recorded in the UAE, faces significant travel disruptions. Movement within, around, and out of the city remains heavily impacted.


Emirates’s Call Against the Strom

Dubai International Airport (DXB), a critical transportation hub, is urging passengers to avoid the airport (DXB) unless absolutely necessary. Travelers scheduled to depart Dubai today with Emirates, the city’s flagship airline, face a complete halt in check-in services until midnight.

Emirates cites “operational challenges caused by bad weather and road conditions” as the reason for the check-in suspension. Affected passengers are advised to contact their booking agents or rebook flights directly through the Emirates website (

However, there’s a glimmer of hope for those already in transit or arriving in Dubai today. These flights will be processed, but expect delays on both arrivals and departures. The severe flooding around DXB significantly impacts both passengers and airline crew, hindering efficient operations.

The situation at DXB has been volatile since Tuesday. The airport temporarily halted operations, redirected incoming flights, and suspended outbound departures. Additionally, flydubai, another major Dubai-based carrier, cancelled all inbound flights to the city until 10:00 AM today (April 17th), offering full refunds to affected passengers.

The unprecedented weather event has caused widespread disruption across Dubai’s transportation network. With roads around the airport flooded and infrastructure potentially damaged, ensuring passenger and crew safety remains a top priority. Emirates’ check-in suspension reflects this commitment to safety while managing the operational challenges.

Travelers with upcoming flights from Dubai are strongly advised to closely monitor the situation. Airlines like Emirates will likely provide updates on their websites and social media channels. Passengers can expect delays and potential rebooking needs.

While the storm has passed, its impact continues to be felt. Dubai’s recovery efforts are underway, but a return to normalcy in air travel will likely take some time. Patience and understanding are crucial for passengers navigating this challenging period. By staying informed and adapting to the temporary disruptions, travelers can contribute to a smoother recovery process for Dubai’s vital transportation sector.

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