AI in Healthcare: How Artificial Intelligence Rescued a Young Emirati Police Officer from a Heart Attack in UAE


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In a groundbreaking medical achievement, AI in healthcare played a crucial role in saving the life of a 26-year-old Emirati police officer who recently suffered a heart attack.

The incident unfolded at the Saudi German Hospital in Dubai, where Dr. Shady Habboush, a consultant interventional cardiologist, detailed the remarkable contribution of AI in healthcare that ultimately proved to be lifesaving.

AI in healthcare

AI in Healthcare: AI Enhanced Intravascular Imaging

Dr. Habboush explained that AI Heart Treatment in UAE significantly enhanced intravascular imaging during the procedure, enabling precise measurements for the stent used in the patient’s artery. The young police officer, M. Abdulla Murad, had an acute myocardial infarction, commonly known as a heart attack. The initial assessment of the lesion in Murad’s right coronary artery seemed manageable, measuring approximately 2.5mm in diameter. However, AI analysis revealed a substantial discrepancy, accurately indicating the actual diameter to be 4mm.

This critical insight proved pivotal in coronary artery treatment, where precision is paramount. Dr. Habboush emphasized that without the intervention of AI, a smaller stent would have been used, leading to gradual artery closure over time due to the patient’s larger lesion. The rapid identification of this discrepancy, thanks to AI, allowed for prompt correction during the medical procedure.

“The rapid advancement of AI in healthcare has been a game-changer, and nowhere is this more evident than in the recent case of our patient at the hospital in Dubai. AI has not only saved a life but also showcased the important potential of this technology,” underscored Dr. Habboush.

Murad, expressing his gratitude, stated, “I owe my life to AI technology. I’m now pain-free and resuming my duties. Because of AI intervention, there was a rapid turnaround, and I was discharged just a day after the procedure.” His swift recovery highlights the effectiveness of AI in expediting medical processes and ensuring positive patient outcomes.

The interplay of AI in healthcare has become increasingly prominent, with doctors relying on its capabilities to make better predictions regarding the consequences of medical and surgical decisions. Dr. Habboush emphasized that AI enhances medical practice by providing infinite accuracy and saving valuable time. In the field of cardiology, where time is critical, AI in healthcare is not just improving outcomes; it is transforming lives.

“In cardiology, time is critical. With AI, we’re not just improving outcomes; we’re transforming lives,” noted Dr. Habboush. He advised Murad to adhere to prescribed medication and manage his diabetes diligently. The combination of patient commitment and AI’s precision, according to Dr. Habboush, offers a reassuring “lifetime guarantee” against similar incidents.

This groundbreaking case in the UAE serves as a testament to the transformative power of AI in healthcare. The precision, efficiency, and life-saving potential demonstrated in Murad’s case highlight the significant strides that AI has made in becoming an indispensable tool for medical professionals. As the role of AI in healthcare continues to evolve, its impact on patient outcomes and overall healthcare practices is becoming increasingly evident.

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