Katrina’s Kay Beauty Comes to UAE


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Kay Beauty: Bollywood superstar Katrina Kaif is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the Indian film industry. But beyond her hugely successful acting career, Kaif has also founded her own celebrity cosmetics brand – Kay Beauty. Launched in 2019, Kay Beauty prioritizes skincare-focused formulations while catering to a wide range of skin tones.

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Now, with the brand’s recent debut in the UAE market through its partnership with Indian retailer Nykaa’s first beauty store Nysaa in Dubai, Kaif’s skincare-first approach is gaining even more traction globally. Speaking to The National in a recent interview, Kaif emphasized that great skin lies at the core of every Kay Beauty product.

“There is a common misconception that makeup is bad for your skin. But each of our products undergoes months of research and contains skin-loving ingredients like chamomile or almond oil,” revealed Kaif. By applying formulations carefully selected for their skin benefits, Kaif believes customers can both look and feel confident.

Learning What Works for Your Unique Skin

Beyond specific products, Kaif recommends beauty enthusiasts learn to listen to their skin and use common sense to determine what really works for their individual needs. Key factors to consider include a product’s feel, texture and ability to blend seamlessly onto different areas of the face. For instance, lipstick should smoothly transfer onto lips like a hand swatch, while eyeliner shouldn’t drag across the delicate eye area. Foundation must also respect the natural texture of one’s skin.

Healthy Living Fuels Flawless Complexions

While skincare tools and routines play an important role, Kaif stressed that true skin health stems from lifestyle habits even more so. Regular exercise, eating clean and avoiding inflammatory foods, as well as relaxation practices like yoga are age-old methods that really deliver results, according to the celebrity entrepreneur.

In her own routine, Kaif begins each morning with four glasses of water, sometimes infused with ingredients like ginger, lemon or fennel. She then takes time for breathing exercises or meditation to relax both body and mind. Proper sun protection with SPF is also non-negotiable due to her busy lifestyle spanning India and the UAE’s sunny climates.

Kay Beauty: Multipurpose Makeup Range Caters to All

Formulating versatile, multitasking products was among Kay Beauty’s founding principles. Around 60% of the line can be used in multiple ways, like the popular eye crayon and lip pencil that double as liners. With a focus on needs beyond just India, the brand stocks shades to suit diverse skin tones found across regions.

Kaif revealed excitement over Kay Beauty’s expansion to the UAE, where South Asian aesthetics fuse with cosmopolitan flair. Her goal is to make beauty inclusive and accessible through thoughtfully crafted formulations emphasizing skincare from within. With Kaif’s trusted guidance, Kay Beauty customers worldwide can feel confident putting their best face forward.

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