Sharjah Art Foundation’s “Drawing Time: Duets” Exhibition on 4th August


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Drawing Time: Duets: As the summer sun intensifies in the UAE, the Sharjah Art Foundation offers a compelling escape into the cooler realms of artistic exploration. Opening its doors on May 4th and running until August 4th, 2024, Gallery 4 of Al Mureijah Art Spaces will be transformed by “Drawing Time: Duets,” a captivating exhibition that redefines the very essence of drawing.

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What is Drawing Time: Duets?

More than just a showcase of artworks, “Drawing Time: Duets” emerges from a two-year delve into the intricate world of paper conservation. Curated by Dr. Omar Kholeif, Director of Collections and Senior Curator, alongside Souraya Kreidieh, Senior Collections Researcher and Spatial Designer, and Khalid Jauffer, Curatorial Assistant, all at the Sharjah Art Foundation, the exhibition challenges our understanding of drawing as a singular practice. Here, drawing is unveiled as a culturally-embedded discipline, one that transcends the physical act and expands into a diverse tapestry of material forms.

Stepping into the exhibition space, visitors are greeted by a symphony of colors and textures. Works by 15 intergenerational artists, including Baya, Mounir Canaan, Kimathi Donkor, and Ibrahim El-Salahi, come together in a vibrant dialogue. Familiar names like Theaster Gates and Kamala Ibrahim Ishag interweave with the artistry of Claudette Johnson and Amal Kenawy. Each artist’s contribution, whether through pigment and paper, lines etched on skin, or digital marks on a screen, pushes the boundaries of the medium. Animated movements mingle with more restrained gestures, creating a dynamic composition that reflects the multifaceted nature of drawing in the contemporary world.

But “Drawing Time: Duets” transcends mere aesthetics. The exhibition delves into the concept of duality, exploring the power of pairings and the beauty of repetition. Through a meticulously curated scenography, artistic “duets” emerge, guiding visitors on a journey through a century of artistic evolution. These pairings, akin to dancers or singers finding harmony through dissonance or imperfect resonance, highlight the dynamic interplay between individual voices and collective expression.

Furthermore, the exhibition serves as a vital link to a broader research project undertaken by the Sharjah Art Foundation Collection team. This ongoing exploration delves into the complex history of drawing and printmaking within contemporary art practices. With a particular focus on Afro-Asian and Pacific artistic traditions, the project sheds light on the rich tapestry of influences that have shaped drawing for centuries.

“Drawing Time: Duets” offers a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts and curious minds alike. It invites us to reexamine our understanding of drawing, not just as a skill or technique, but as a powerful language capable of expressing a spectrum of ideas, emotions, and cultural narratives. With its captivating blend of aesthetics, historical exploration, and contemporary relevance, this exhibition promises to be a highlight of Sharjah’s vibrant art scene this summer.

Don’t miss your chance to experience this groundbreaking exhibition! Book your free tickets now and embark on a journey through the ever-expanding world of drawing.

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