The French 75: A Timeless Fizz with a Kick


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The French 75, a fizzy concoction of gin, champagne, lemon juice, and sugar, has captivated palates for over a century. With its elegant simplicity and refreshing effervescence, it’s a timeless classic that continues to hold its own in the ever-evolving world of cocktails. But beyond its delightful taste, the French 75 boasts a rich history and interesting variations, making it a drink worth raising a glass to.

A Story Steeped in History:

While its exact origins remain shrouded in mystery, the French 75 is believed to have emerged during the early 20th century, likely around the time of World War I. Popular stories attribute its creation to Harry MacElhone, bartender at the American Bar in Paris, who named it after the French 75mm field gun for its “kick.” Another theory suggests it was invented by Harry Crawford at the New York Bar, inspired by a French customer who requested a drink “as lively as a French 75.” Regardless of its birthplace, the cocktail quickly gained popularity among American expatriates in Paris, becoming a symbol of the vibrant nightlife and cultural exchange of the era.

French 75: The Essence of Simplicity

At its core, the French 75 is a masterpiece of minimalism. The classic recipe combines:

  • 1 oz gin (London Dry or juniper-forward gins are popular choices)
  • ½ oz freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • ½ oz simple syrup
  • 5 oz chilled champagne

The ingredients are shaken with ice, strained into a chilled champagne flute, and topped with a luxurious crown of champagne bubbles. A lemon twist completes the presentation, adding a touch of citrusy aroma and visual appeal.

Beyond the Basics:

While the classic recipe remains the gold standard, the French 75 has inspired countless variations. Here are a few twists to tantalize your taste buds:

  • The Royal 75: Swap the gin for cognac for a richer, more sophisticated flavor profile.
  • The Peppery 75: Add a dash of black peppercorn bitters for a subtle yet intriguing spice note.
  • The Floral 75: Infuse the gin with rose petals or lavender for a delicate floral aroma.
  • The Fruity 75: Muddle fresh berries like raspberries or strawberries for a burst of summery sweetness.
  • The Sparkling 75: Substitute prosecco or cava for champagne for a more budget-friendly option.

Crafting the Perfect 75:

To ensure your French 75 is a triumph, pay attention to the finer details:

  • Use high-quality ingredients. Freshly squeezed lemon juice and a good quality gin are essential for a balanced and flavorful drink.
  • Chill your glassware. Pre-chill your champagne flute in the freezer for a few minutes to maintain the bubbles.
  • Shake vigorously. Give the cocktail a good shaking to create a smooth texture and release the essential oils from the lemon peel.
  • Double-strain for clarity. Use a fine-mesh strainer to remove any ice chips or pulp for a polished presentation.
  • Garnish with care. A simple lemon twist adds elegance and enhances the citrus notes.

A Toast to the French 75:

Whether you enjoy it as a celebratory drink or a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up, the French 75 offers a timeless elegance and a taste that never goes out of style. With its rich history, versatility, and ease of preparation, this classic cocktail is sure to become a staple in your repertoire. So, raise a glass to the French 75, a testament to the enduring power of simplicity and the art of crafting the perfect cocktail.

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