Dubai Schools Advised to Extend Distance Learning After Historic Floods


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Dubai Rains: In the wake of the heaviest rains to hit the United Arab Emirates in 75 years, Dubai’s education authority, the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), is urging schools to continue offering distance learning on Monday, April 22nd.

The unprecedented Dubai storm, which began on April 16th and continued into the following day, caused widespread disruption across the city. Schools, nurseries, and universities were forced to close as floodwaters inundated many areas, hindering access and posing safety concerns.

Dubai storm

“As our education community prepares to resume on-site learning, we ask all Dubai private schools, universities and nurseries to remain flexible and accommodating to the needs of students, teachers and staff,” a statement from the KHDA said. “We encourage schools to continue offering distance learning for those facing ongoing logistical challenges after the severe weather.”

While most educational institutions in Dubai are expected to reopen on Tuesday, the KHDA acknowledges that staff and residents in the most severely impacted areas may still be struggling. The safety of students and staff remains a top priority.

Record-Breaking Rainfall and Aftermath in Dubai

The storm, triggered by a weather system exacerbated by climate change according to weather experts, brought a staggering 142 millimeters of rain to Dubai between April 15th and 16th. The heavy downpours caused significant damage to roads, public transportation networks, and even disrupted air travel. Homes, businesses, malls, restaurants, and tourist attractions all felt the impact of the flooding.

Clean-up and Recovery Efforts Continues in Dubai

The city continues to grapple with the aftermath of the storm. Extensive clean-up operations are underway, with many educational institutions focusing on restoring facilities and ensuring they are safe for students and staff to return. Transportation authorities are working diligently to reopen roads and restore public transport services.

The KHDA’s decision to extend distance learning underscores the ongoing challenges faced by some residents. By allowing flexibility, the education authority aims to ensure a smooth transition back to in-person learning for all students and staff once recovery efforts are complete.

It remains to be seen how long the distance learning option will be available, with schools likely to announce a definitive timeline for resuming normal operations in the coming days.

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