DXB Limits Arrivals After Severe Storm


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Dubai International Airport (DXB), the world’s busiest for international travel, is implementing temporary limitations on arriving flights for the next 48 hours. This decision comes as the airport continues to recover from the aftermath of the most severe storm ever recorded in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

DXB: Prioritizing Support for Passengers

DXB: Prioritizing Support for Passengers

According to a statement released on a social media platform (formerly known as Twitter), DXB is prioritizing support for passengers impacted by delays caused by the unprecedented weather event. The limitation on incoming flights will remain in place until midday on Sunday, April 21st.

Earlier today, DXB urged travelers to visit the airport only if their flight departure has been confirmed by their airline. The airport emphasized experiencing significant congestion, and arriving too early could pose logistical challenges. Passengers are advised to arrive at their designated terminal only a few hours before their scheduled departure.

While DXB anticipates a return to full operational capacity within 24 hours, sources from Time Out Dubai warn of potential delays, particularly for those who need to reschedule flights or re-check luggage.

On Thursday, Majed Al Joker, Chief Operating Officer of DXB, declared in a statement that the airport would soon resume its regular schedule and full capacity.

The recent storm resulted in the cancellation of over 1,000 flights. Inbound flights were temporarily diverted on Tuesday evening until conditions improved, and departures from DXB were also suspended. The airport strongly advised passengers to avoid visiting unless absolutely necessary.

Flooding on major access roads leading to the airport significantly impacted operations, further compounded by crew displacement.

Terminals one and three have begun a gradual return to normalcy, with passenger safety remaining the top priority. DXB’s return to its regular schedule is a collaborative effort involving airport staff, partners, and airlines. The focus lies on balancing a swift return to normalcy while ensuring all passengers affected by cancellations receive necessary assistance. This assistance includes providing refreshments and aiding with rebooking and rescheduling flights.

While most airlines have resumed operations, travelers are encouraged to contact their respective airline for the latest updates until DXB is fully operational.

On Tuesday, DXB announced a temporary suspension of operations for 25 minutes, leading to the cancellation of multiple flights.

Passengers flying into Dubai in the next two days are advised to be patient and understanding as the airport navigates this recovery process. Staying in contact with your airline for the latest information on your flight status is crucial.

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