Dubai’s 24-Karat Gold Note: A Limited Edition Eid Al Adha Keepsake


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Dubai, the City of Gold, lives up to its name once again with the return of a truly unique souvenir: the 24-karat gold note. This isn’t just any piece of paper currency; it’s a luxurious memento celebrating Dubai’s rich heritage and iconic skyline.

24-Karat Gold Note

Originally launched as a pioneering concept, the 24-karat gold note is back for a limited time, this time adorned with a special Eid Al Adha cover. This collaborative effort by Dian Jewellery, Finmet DMCC, and Valaurum pays homage to Dubai’s historic position as a global center for gold trade.

24-Karat Gold Note: A Souvenir Fit for the City of Gold

While the 24-karat gold note can’t be used for shopping sprees in Dubai’s bustling Gold Souk, it serves as a precious keepsake for residents and visitors alike. Each note boasts 0.1 grams of genuine 24-karat gold embedded within it, offering a touch of opulence that reflects Dubai’s glamorous reputation.

The design of the gold note isn’t just about the gold itself. It features a stunning illustration of the Dubai skyline, showcasing the city’s most recognizable landmarks. Every 24-karat gold note is unique, distinguished by its very own serial number, adding to its collectable value.

More Than Just Gold Plating: A Technological Innovation

The 24-karat gold note goes beyond the realm of mere souvenirs. This innovative creation utilizes a patented process that allows for the inclusion of real 24-karat gold within a flexible note. Unlike gold-plated items, where a thin layer of gold might eventually fade, the gold in this 24-karat gold note is designed to last.

Rahul Sagar, the founder of Dian Jewellery, sheds light on the unique technology behind the 24-karat gold note: “The key aspect that makes this so special is that we can incorporate real 24-karat gold into a flexible note through this patented process. What’s truly remarkable is that the gold can even be retrieved.”

Sagar goes on to explain the technical details: “With a professional fire assay, you can actually recover the 0.1 grams of 24-karat gold from the note. This is a stark contrast to gold-plated items or notes that are dipped in solutions containing minimal amounts of gold. That gold simply fades away and cannot be recovered, even through melting.”

Where to Find Your Limited Edition 24-Karat Gold Note

The limited edition Eid Al Adha 24-karat gold note is available for purchase at an affordable price of Dhs159. This luxurious souvenir comes complete with a commemorative cover, making it an ideal gift or a treasured addition to your own collection.

If you’re looking to capture the essence of Dubai’s love affair with gold and take home a piece of the city’s dazzling spirit, head over to Dian Jewellery or Shantilal Jewellers (SCS) located within the iconic Dubai Gold Souk. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of Dubai’s glittering legacy with the limited edition 24-karat gold note.

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