Dubai CEO Shreya Pattar Ignites Debate: Should You Avoid Your Own Kind When Studying Abroad? 


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A Dubai-based CEO, Shreya Pattar has set off a firestorm online with her advice to Indian students seeking higher education abroad. Shreya Pattar, founder of Shreya Pattar Ventures, suggests prioritizing universities with fewer Indian students. Her reasoning? To escape what she terms “toxic Indian patterns.”

Shreya Pattar

Pattar argues that large Indian student communities abroad can foster negativity, citing excessive drama, unprofessionalism, and a lack of focus on future goals. She suggests that immersing oneself in a diverse environment is crucial for personal and professional growth.

Her post, viewed by hundreds of thousands, has drawn strong reactions on both sides.

Shreya Pattar: Breaking Out of the Comfort Zone

Some users endorse Shreya Pattar’s view. They emphasize the importance of stepping outside one’s comfort zone. Encountering diverse perspectives, they argue, broadens horizons and fosters personal development.

One user comments, “Respectfully disagreeing. A sense of familiarity and support is great, but finding the right balance with exposure to different viewpoints is key.” This highlights the potential value of both community and a broader global experience.

Individual Merit vs. Group Dynamics

Others argue that success abroad hinges more on individual effort than the ethnicity of fellow students. They suggest that fostering positive habits and a strong work ethic are more important than demographics.

A user points out, “Every nation has its ‘toxic patterns.’ What did you observe in other nationalities while studying abroad?” This raises the question of whether negative behavior is inherent to a particular culture or simply present in all groups.

Personal Experiences Fuel the Debate

Personal anecdotes add a compelling dimension to the discussion. One user shares, “Completely agree! I encountered the most negativity and envy from other Indians while working abroad.” This firsthand experience amplifies Shreya Pattar’s concerns.

On the other hand, another user counters, “Studying abroad with few Indians was initially difficult, but ultimately rewarding.” This highlights the potential challenges and rewards of distancing oneself from a familiar community.

Finding the Right Balance

The debate exposes a complex issue. While fostering a strong work ethic and embracing new perspectives are crucial, a sense of belonging can also be valuable. The ideal scenario might involve striking a balance – finding a supportive network while also actively engaging with a diverse student body.

Universities often offer international student organizations that provide both cultural connection and opportunities to interact with students from other backgrounds. Ultimately, the best approach may be for students to carefully consider their individual needs and preferences when choosing a university abroad.

The Importance of Open-Mindedness

Regardless of the chosen university, maintaining an open mind and actively seeking diverse experiences are essential for personal growth. International education should be an opportunity to learn not just from academics, but from people from all walks of life.

The online debate sparked by Shreya Pattar serves as a valuable reminder that fostering global citizens requires a multifaceted approach. Embracing both cultural connection and open-mindedness will lead to the richest educational experiences abroad.

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