All Dubai Metro Stations Operational After Record April Storm


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Dubai Metro: Dubai commuters rejoice! The Dubai Metro is finally back to full service, with all stations operational for the first time since April’s historic storm. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced the reopening of the final closed station, Energy marking the complete restoration of the metro network.

Dubai Metro

The record-breaking storm in April caused widespread flooding across Dubai, disrupting the city’s vital public transport system. Four Dubai Metro stations on the Red Line – Equiti, Energy, Al Mashreq, and ONPASSIVE – bore the brunt of the damage and were subsequently shut down.

The RTA worked diligently over the past few weeks to repair the affected stations. This included comprehensive maintenance and testing to ensure the safety and smooth functioning of the stations before reopening them to the public.

While the Dubai Metro stations were out of commission, the RTA prioritized passenger needs by deploying a fleet of 150 buses to ferry commuters between specific stations. These included Business Bay, ONPASSIVE, Mall of the Emirates, Mashreq, Equiti, Dubai Internet City, and Al Khail.

The authority also implemented a network of express buses to connect the closed stations with operational parts of the metro line. This ensured continued connectivity for residents in areas affected by the station closures.

Furthermore, recognizing the potential for crowding during peak hours with reduced capacity, the RTA introduced crowd management protocols in late April. They advised commuters to avoid using the metro during peak times (7:00 AM to 9:30 AM and 5:00 PM to 8:30 PM) and plan their journeys strategically based on the operational stations.

The full reopening of the Dubai Metro marks a significant milestone in the city’s recovery from the April storm. Commuters can now once again enjoy the convenience, efficiency, and affordability of the metro network for their daily travel needs.

Here’s a Quick Dubai Metro Recap:

  • Cause of disruption: Record-breaking storm in April led to flooding and damage at four stations (Equiti, Energy, Al Mashreq, and ONPASSIVE) on the Red Line.
  • Duration of closure: Since April (exact date not specified)
  • Reopening timeline:
    • ONPASSIVE, Equiti, and Mashreq reopened on Sunday, May 19th.
    • Energy station reopened on Saturday, May 25th, marking full network restoration.
  • RTA’s response:
    • Implemented a network of 150 shuttle buses to connect specific stations.
    • Deployed express buses to bridge the gap between closed stations and operational parts of the network.
    • Introduced crowd management protocols during peak hours to ensure passenger safety.

With the Dubai Metro back at full capacity, Dubai residents can expect a smoother and more predictable commute. This is a positive development for the city’s overall transportation infrastructure and will likely contribute to a return to normalcy in daily routines.

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