Cristiano Ronaldo’s Totó Arrives in Dubai


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Totó: Cristiano Ronaldo, the name synonymous with lightning-fast footwork and record-breaking goals, is taking his talents off the pitch and into the world of fine dining. His restaurant venture, Totó, is set to grace the culinary scene of Dubai, joining its recently opened counterpart in Abu Dhabi. This news has sent a wave of excitement through Dubai’s food enthusiasts, eager to experience a taste of Italy with a touch of footballing royalty.


A Culinary Time Machine: Stepping into 1950s Italian Cinema

Totó isn’t your average Italian eatery. It’s an immersive experience transporting diners back to the golden age of Italian cinema, the 1950s. Imagine stepping into a scene from a classic film – vintage charm seamlessly blended with modern luxury. The meticulously curated decor, featuring timeless elegance, sets the stage for an unforgettable dining adventure. Every bite promises to be a sensory journey, a delicious echo of a bygone era.

A Menu Worthy of a Champion: Expecting Excellence

Just as Ronaldo’s skill on the football field is unmatched, Totó’s menu promises to be equally impressive. Diners can expect a carefully crafted selection of Italian classics, each dish a “winning goal” for the taste buds. From a selection of traditional antipasti to delectable pastas and wood-fired pizzas, every offering is a testament to culinary excellence. Rest assured, Ronaldo wouldn’t settle for anything less than top-notch quality, and neither will Totó.

Affordable Luxury: A Taste of Italy Within Reach

While the ambiance and pedigree might suggest exorbitant prices, Totó offers a delightful surprise. You can embark on your Italian adventure with a starting price of just 20 euros (AED 79). Considering the experience and the association with a footballing legend, this can be considered a steal. This accessibility allows a wider range of diners to experience the magic of Totó, a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to inclusivity.

Success in Abu Dhabi: Setting the Bar High

Totó isn’t a new venture for Ronaldo. The restaurant recently opened its doors in Abu Dhabi’s Al Saadiyat Island, and it’s already garnered rave reviews. Customers have lauded the restaurant’s ability to balance seclusion with a lively atmosphere, creating an Instagram-worthy setting. But the true star of the show, according to Abu Dhabi diners, is the food itself – simply divine! This early success in the UAE capital sets a high bar for the upcoming Dubai branch.

Dubai’s Totó: A Prime Location and Unforgettable Views

While the official opening date for Dubai’s Totó remains under wraps, anticipation is building. Rumors suggest an earlier opening than initially anticipated, much to the delight of eager foodies. Adding to the excitement is the restaurant’s prime location, with an unbeatable view of the iconic Burj Khalifa. This breathtaking vista guarantees a memorable experience even before the first bite of food arrives.

Stay Tuned: The Goat of Football Serves Up a Culinary Delight

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Totó is poised to become a new Dubai hotspot, offering a unique blend of Italian cuisine, a touch of cinematic nostalgia, and a dash of footballing flair. With its commitment to quality, affordability, and a stunning location, Totó promises to be an experience unlike any other. Stay tuned for further updates on the official opening date, and prepare to be wowed by the culinary magic that Ronaldo and his team have in store for Dubai.

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