New RTA Bus Route Connects Damac Hills 2 to Dubai Studio City


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RTA Bus Route: Attention, residents of Damac Hills 2! Commuting just got a whole lot easier and more affordable. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched a brand new public bus route, the DA2, specifically catering to your community.


A Long-Awaited RTA Connection: Damac Hills 2 Gets Direct Bus Service

Effective Monday, July 1st, 2024, residents of Damac Hills 2 can finally ditch the car (or the sometimes unreliable community shuttle) and hop on a convenient public bus for their daily commute or leisure trips. The DA2 route operates every day, connecting Damac Hills 2 to Dubai Studio City, a vibrant hub for media and creative industries.

Budget-Friendly Commutes: Flat Fare of Dhs5 per Trip

This new route isn’t just about convenience, it’s also incredibly budget-friendly. A flat rate of Dhs5 (approximately $1.36 USD) covers your entire journey, making public transport an attractive option compared to taxis or ride-sharing services.

Planning Your Trip: Route Details and Frequency

The DA2 bus operates between 5:47 AM and 9:32 PM daily, offering enough flexibility for both morning commutes and evening outings. However, since buses run every two hours, be sure to plan your trip accordingly and arrive at the bus stop a few minutes early to avoid missing your ride.

A Much-Needed Relief for Residents

Prior to the launch of the DA2, residents without their own cars faced limited transportation options. The community shuttle, often overcrowded during peak hours, wasn’t always a reliable solution. With the new bus route, residents now have a comfortable and dependable public transport alternative.

Beyond Damac Hills 2: Connecting to the Wider City

While the final stop is Dubai Studio City, additional connections are readily available. Passengers can transfer to other buses from Studio City, allowing them to reach various Dubai Metro stations and seamlessly integrate with the wider public transport network.

A Growing Community with Growing Needs

Damac Hills 2, with its 30,000 residents spread across a vast 55 million square feet, has witnessed significant growth. Ongoing projects like Park Greens Phase 2 and Elo3 further add to the community’s population. This new bus service caters to this growing population, ensuring accessible and affordable public transport.

The Future of Dubai’s Transport Network: Expansion and Connectivity

The development of Damac Hills 2 and improved transport links to Dubai South reflect a broader vision for Dubai. With the expansion of Al Maktoum International Airport, expected to become the world’s largest capacity airport upon completion, the city is strategically focusing on connecting the south to the center.

This vision extends beyond buses. Dubai’s ambitious plans include more than doubling its number of Metro stations by 2040. This expansion will ensure previously underserved neighborhoods like Damac Hills 2 are fully integrated into the city’s well-connected public transport network.

A Positive Step Forward

The launch of the DA2 bus route is a positive step forward for public transport in Dubai. It not only offers residents of Damac Hills 2 a convenient and affordable transportation option but also reflects the city’s commitment to improving connectivity and accessibility across all neighborhoods. As Dubai continues to grow, we can expect further expansion and innovation in the city’s public transport infrastructure, making it an increasingly attractive option for residents and visitors alike.

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