5-Year Multiple-Entry Visa: Important Things to Know


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Dubai has just made it easier and more enticing for Indian travelers to explore its wonders. With the introduction of a new five-year multiple-entry visa, the emirate aims to strengthen its ties with India, and its top tourism market, and boost economic collaboration. Here are five key things to know about this exciting new multiple-entry visa program:

multiple-entry visa

1. Five Years of Exploration: 

Ditch the annual visa renewals! This new multiple-entry visa grants Indian citizens the flexibility to visit Dubai multiple times over a five-year period, allowing them to explore the city at their own pace and discover its diverse offerings.

2. Extended Stays: 

Each visit allows a stay of up to 90 days, with the option to extend for another 90 days, totaling a maximum of 180 days per year in Dubai. This extended duration provides ample time to relax on pristine beaches, indulge in shopping sprees, and experience the city’s vibrant culture.

3. Business and Leisure Combined: 

The multiple-entry visa caters to both business travelers and vacationers. Whether you’re attending conferences, networking with potential partners, or simply enjoying a family getaway, this visa facilitates seamless travel and operational flexibility.

4. Record-Breaking Tourism: 

The introduction of this multiple-entry visa reflects the growing popularity of Dubai among Indian travelers. In 2023, Dubai welcomed a record-breaking 2.46 million Indian tourists, a 25% increase compared to the pre-pandemic era. This new visa is expected to further fuel this growth.

5. Economic Collaboration: 

The multiple-entry visa aims to not only boost tourism but also strengthen economic ties between India and Dubai. By facilitating business travel and fostering longer stays, the program opens doors to increased trade, investment, and cultural exchange.

Ready to Experience Dubai with the Multiple-Entry Visa?

If you’re an Indian citizen dreaming of exploring Dubai’s captivating landscapes, world-class attractions, and vibrant culture, this new five-year multiple-entry visa is your golden ticket. With its extended stays, operational flexibility, and focus on both tourism and business, this program promises a truly enriching experience for Indian travelers. So, start planning your Dubai adventure and prepare to be amazed!

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