Abu Dhabi: Standard Service Fares and Updated Passes Effective February 28


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Standard Service Fare: Effective February 28, 2024, Abu Dhabi unveils a new unified public transport fare system, integrating city and suburban transport services under the “Standard Service.” This move aims to simplify the overall experience for passengers and encourage wider adoption of public transportation within the emirate.

Standard Service Fare

Standard Service Fare: What’s New

  • Standard Service Fare: This service incorporates both city and suburban areas, offering a simplified fare structure of Dh2 boarding fee + Dh0.05 per kilometer, capped at Dh5 per journey.
  • Seamless Transfers: Passengers can transfer between different Standard Service buses within 60 minutes of their last tap-out, without incurring an additional boarding fee. However, transferring in the opposite direction of travel or using more than 3 buses in a single trip is not permitted.
  • Public Transport Passes:
    • Expanded Coverage: Existing passes now cover the wider geographic area under the Standard Service, including city and suburban areas within Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra. (Excludes intercity services)
    • Updated Prices:
      • 7-day pass – Dh35
      • 30-day pass – Dh95
    • Sale Dates: Updated passes will be available for purchase starting February 28th, 2024.
    • Existing Passes: Passes issued before February 28th remain valid until their expiry but will only be active within city limits (excluding suburbs) and do not cover the Standard Service.
  • Exemptions & Subsidies:
    • Free Public Transport: Transportation remains free for individuals aged 10 years and below.
    • Free Annual Passes: The existing program offering free annual passes for seniors, people of determination (including one companion), and students (Dh500) remains unchanged. These passes continue to provide coverage for the Standard Service across the entire emirate (excluding intercity services).
    • Subsidized Prices: Emirati families with limited income enrolled in social support programs can avail of subsidized passes:
      • 7-day pass – Dh30
      • 30-day pass – Dh80

The Benefits:

  • Simplified Fare Structure: The new system offers a much clearer and easier-to-understand fare structure, eliminating confusion and facilitating trip planning.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Seamless transfers between services within the time limit significantly improve user convenience and encourage multi-modal journeys.
  • Wider Coverage: Expanding the geographical reach of public transport passes makes it more accessible and affordable for residents in suburban areas.
  • Subsidized Fares: The continued support for specific groups ensures affordable access to public transport for those who need it most.

Moving Forward:

The introduction of the unified fare system and updated passes demonstrates Abu Dhabi’s commitment to improving its public transport infrastructure. By simplifying access and offering greater convenience, the initiative aims to encourage more residents to utilize public transportation, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and efficient transportation system within the emirate.

It is important to note:

  • Always tap your Hafilat card when boarding and alighting from each bus to ensure accurate fare calculation and avoid penalties.
  • The updated passes and fare structure take effect on February 28th, 2024.

For further information and detailed guidelines, please refer to the official website of the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC).

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