UAE Residents Gear Up for Potential 6-Day Eid Al Fitr Break as Ramadan Dates Emerge


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With spring just around the corner, excitement is building in the UAE as the holy month of Ramadan approaches. Astronomical calculations reveal a likely start date of Tuesday, March 12, 2024, sparking anticipation for a longer Eid Al Fitr holiday and warmer weather.

Although official confirmation rests on the traditional moon sighting ritual, these predictions offer a welcomed glimpse into the upcoming holy observances.


Ramadan: 30 Days of Fasting, 6 Days of Celebration?

Expert calculations suggest Ramadan will last the full 30 days, potentially leading to a 6-day Eid Al Fitr break for UAE residents. As per government-announced holidays, celebrations will stretch from Ramadan 29 (likely Tuesday, April 9) to Shawwal 3 (likely Saturday, April 13). When combined with the weekend, this translates to a blissful six-day holiday for many.

Moon Sighting and Celestial Interruptions

The official start date of Ramadan hinges on the moon sighting committee’s confirmation on March 10. If the crescent moon isn’t sighted then, March 12 becomes the definitive start date.

While a total solar eclipse on April 8 might not directly impact the moon sighting, there are concerns about its potential influence on visibility in certain areas. Religious authorities, however, factor in such events when making official declarations.

Weather and Fasting:

Expect warm to hot weather during Ramadan, gradually climbing toward the end. Dubai residents will likely face fasting durations ranging from 13 hours and 45 minutes at the beginning to 14 hours and 25 minutes by the end.

Accuracy of Predictions:

These astronomical calculations, while highly accurate, serve as planning tools. Traditionally, the physical sighting of the moon holds final say. Some authorities adopt calculations in regions with sighting difficulties, but in the UAE, the traditional method prevails.

The Final Verdict:

While official confirmation and exact dates await the moon sighting, these predictions offer exciting possibilities. If accurate, UAE residents can look forward to a longer Eid Al Fitr break, warm weather, and a spiritually enriching Ramadan experience. Stay tuned for updates as we approach the holy month!

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