Abu Dhabi Visa Screening with AI-powered TB Detection


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AI Tech Streamlines Visa Screening Process, Increases Efficiency, and Improves Healthcare Delivery

Abu Dhabi is taking a giant leap forward in visa screening with the implementation of a new AI-powered chest X-ray technology called AIRIS-TB. Developed by M42, a leading global health tech company headquartered in Abu Dhabi, this innovative tool promises to automate the reporting of tuberculosis (TB) screenings, significantly reduce workload on radiologists, and ultimately improve the entire visa application process.

Visa Screening

The Visa Screening Challenge: Manual Workload and Efficiency Bottlenecks

Previously, TB screening for visa applicants relied on meticulous manual review of X-rays by radiologists. This process, while crucial for public health, presented limitations. Radiologists faced a heavy workload, reviewing thousands of scans daily. This manual approach restricted the number of applicants who could be processed each day and potentially created bottlenecks in the visa application process.

The Solution: AIRIS-TB – AI for Faster and More Efficient Screening

AIRIS-TB is poised to revolutionize the visa screening landscape. This AI-powered tool utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze chest X-rays, automatically detecting abnormalities that might indicate TB. The system then instantly flags these cases for further review by a radiologist.

The benefits are multifold:

  • Reduced Radiologist Workload by Up to 80%: By automating the initial screening process, AIRIS-TB frees up radiologists’ valuable time. They can now focus on complex cases flagged by the AI, ensuring a more efficient and targeted review process.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: The automation offered by AIRIS-TB allows screening centers to handle a significantly larger volume of applications. As Ali Alsaffar, CEO of Capital Health Screening Centre (CHSC), M42’s flagship visa screening facility, explains, “the automation will enable the facility to serve an unprecedented large number of visa applicants.”
  • Faster Turnaround Times: With AI handling the initial screening, visa applicants can expect quicker results and a smoother overall application process.

Beyond TB Detection: Improved Healthcare Delivery

The impact of AIRIS-TB extends beyond streamlining visa screening. The time saved by radiologists allows them to delve deeper into other areas. They can dedicate more time to analyzing intricate chest X-ray findings, potentially leading to the detection of other health concerns. This “opportunistic detection capability” enhances the overall quality of healthcare provided to visa applicants.

Scaling the Solution: Integration with Malaffi

M42 plans to integrate AIRIS-TB with Malaffi, Abu Dhabi’s Health Information Exchange platform. This will allow other healthcare providers access to this powerful tool, potentially revolutionizing TB screening across Abu Dhabi’s healthcare facilities. As Kareem Shahin, CEO of M42’s Abu Dhabi Health Data Services, highlights, “The potential implementation of AIRIS-TB in Malaffi will significantly increase access to this technology at Abu Dhabi’s healthcare facilities and screening centres looking to scale their operations, improve efficiency and provide better care.”

A Global Redefining of TB Screening Standards

With its proven effectiveness and positive clinical impact, AIRIS-TB has the potential to redefine the standards and processes for TB screening on a global scale. The technology offers a compelling solution, balancing public health safeguards with operational efficiency and improved healthcare delivery. M42’s commitment to innovation extends beyond AIRIS-TB. They are actively exploring the tool’s application in other diagnostic areas, aiming to further optimize healthcare through the power of artificial intelligence.

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