GCC Grand Tours: A Schengen-Style Visa for Seamless Travel Across the Gulf


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GCC Grand Tours: Calling all travel enthusiasts! The dream of exploring the captivating Arabian Peninsula with a single visa is about to become a reality. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is on track to launch the highly anticipated GCC Unified Tourist Visa, officially named “GCC Grand Tours,” by the end of 2024 or early 2025.

GCC Grand Tours

GCC Grand Tours: Unveiling Freedom of Movement

This revolutionary visa scheme will usher in a new era of regional tourism, allowing visitors to seamlessly traverse the six member states of the GCC: United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait. Currently, visa requirements vary for non-GCC residents traveling within the region. The GCC Grand Tours visa aims to simplify this process, fostering tourism growth across all member nations.

A Boon for Residents and Tourists

While GCC citizens already enjoy visa-free travel within the region, the primary target for the GCC Grand Tours visa is the millions of non-nationals residing in the GCC countries. Additionally, tourists will benefit immensely as this visa eliminates the hassle of acquiring multiple visas and allows them to explore the region for a duration exceeding 30 days.

A Collaborative Effort for Tourism Growth

The seeds for this initiative were sown in late 2023 with the unanimous approval by GCC ministers at a meeting in Oman. Recognizing the potential for boosting regional tourism economies, the GCC nations are actively collaborating. This was further emphasized at the Arabian Travel Market in May 2024, where it was announced that the UAE and other Gulf countries are partnering with major tour operators to create comprehensive holiday packages encompassing the entire region.

Timeline and Considerations

While the target launch window is between late 2024 and early 2025, a recent delay was attributed to the ongoing integration process. Specifically, harmonizing security requirements and visa application procedures across the diverse GCC states is crucial for a smooth rollout.

Benefits for UAE Residents

Currently, UAE residents face a complex web of visa requirements when traveling within the GCC. The GCC Grand Tours visa will streamline this process significantly, offering consistency and simplifying multi-country itineraries.

A Glimpse into Current Intra-GCC Travel Regulations

Here’s a quick snapshot of existing visa requirements for UAE residents traveling to other GCC countries:

  • Saudi Arabia: Requires a visa for UAE residents (citizens enjoy visa-free entry for up to 90 days).
  • Bahrain: UAE residents typically require an eVisa or visa on arrival.
  • Oman: UAE residents with specific professions or those accompanied by a visa-holding individual can obtain an unsponsored visa upon arrival.
  • Kuwait: Requires an eVisa or visa on arrival for UAE residents.
  • Qatar: Visa-free entry for UAE citizens; visa requirements and lengths of stay vary depending on a resident’s nationality.

The Future of GCC Tourism

The exact application process and eligibility criteria for the GCC Grand Tours visa are yet to be officially announced. However, hints from UAE Minister of Economy Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri suggest that the visa will likely cater to GCC residents, potentially empowering your Emirates ID for regional travel.

Embracing Seamless Exploration in the UAE

The UAE, already a frontrunner in regional tourism, is gearing up to enhance its offerings with the GCC Grand Tours visa. The Emirates Tourism Council is actively developing a dedicated tourist route connecting all seven emirates, further enriching the travel experience. Additionally, infrastructure projects like the Etihad Rail passenger train and new major roads around Dubai aim to facilitate smooth and efficient travel within the UAE.

The GCC Grand Tours visa promises to be a game-changer for tourism in the Arabian Peninsula. Stay tuned for further updates as we wait for the official launch and explore the exciting possibilities of visa-free exploration across the captivating landscapes and vibrant cultures of the GCC.

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