Ramadan 2024: Dubai Metro Offers Free International Calls


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Ramadan 2024: Dubai, a vibrant metropolis known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, is taking steps to ensure residents feel connected to loved ones abroad during the holy month of Ramadan. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched a heartwarming initiative – “We Bring You Closer” – that allows for free international calls from designated phone booths located at select metro stations.

Ramadan 2024

This move is particularly significant for Dubai’s diverse population, where many residents come from countries across the globe. Ramadan, a time for reflection, prayer, and community, can often be tinged with feelings of homesickness. The free international call service offered by the Dubai Metro bridges this gap, allowing residents to connect with loved ones back home without incurring any phone charges.

Making Connections: The “We Bring You Closer” Initiative

The “We Bring You Closer” initiative is a collaborative effort between the RTA, Keolis (the operator of Dubai’s Metro and Tram network), and telecommunication service providers. Four phone booths have been strategically installed at three key metro stations: Al Ghubaiba, Union, and Jebel Ali. These booths become operational from 5 pm onwards in the evenings, allowing residents to conveniently make calls after breaking their fast (iftar).

Overcoming Communication Hurdles

Staying connected with loved ones residing overseas can be a challenge in Dubai. Many popular Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) applications used elsewhere are often restricted in the region. This leaves residents with limited options, often resorting to paid international calls or specific approved VoIP services like Botim, which can be expensive.

The free international call initiative eliminates this financial barrier, allowing residents to connect freely during this important religious period. While the convenience of a private phone call might be lost, the booths offer a practical and accessible solution for those seeking to reconnect with family and friends back home.

Beyond Calls, Ramadan: A Month of Giving

The “We Bring You Closer” initiative is just one aspect of the RTA’s wider Ramadan-focused efforts. Recognizing the spirit of giving that defines Ramadan, the authority has undertaken several community and humanitarian projects across Dubai.

Staff and volunteers from the RTA will be preparing and distributing a staggering 8,000 meals throughout the month. These meals will be distributed to essential workers like bus drivers, delivery riders, truck drivers, and Abra (traditional wooden water taxis) operators who continue to work tirelessly during Ramadan.

Furthermore, the RTA, in partnership with the Beit Al Khair Society, a prominent UAE charity organization, will be providing 2,000 iftar meals to those in need. These dedicated Ramadan tents offer a place for individuals and families to break their fast in a communal setting.

A Season of Connection and Compassion

The Dubai Metro’s free international call initiative exemplifies the spirit of Ramadan – a time for compassion, generosity, and strengthening community bonds. By bridging the distance between residents and their loved ones abroad, and by providing for those in need, the RTA’s Ramadan initiatives contribute to a more inclusive and supportive city during this holy month.

This thoughtful program encourages residents to experience the true essence of Ramadan – a time for introspection, family gatherings, and acts of kindness that extend beyond one’s own home. For many residents in Dubai, the opportunity to connect with loved ones back home, coupled with the spirit of giving that permeates the city, will undoubtedly enhance their Ramadan experience.

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