Dubai Safari Park Hosts Mega ‘Meet and Greet’ Event with Kidfluencers and Magic Phil


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Are you searching for the perfect weekend adventure that promises a plethora of activities for your little ones? If you’re tired of the usual outings, get ready for an ultimate weekend extravaganza that will have your kids bursting with joy! Dubai Safari Park, known for its immersive wildlife experiences, is gearing up to host the largest Kidfluencers event, ‘Meet and Greet,’ featuring the enchanting Magic Phil, renowned for captivating audiences at the Nickelodeon Choice Awards in Abu Dhabi. Magic Phil, dressed in a Safari-themed costume, is set to cast his spell, ensuring a day filled with excitement and entertainment!

Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park Event Details:

Date: Saturday, February 10
Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Location: Al Wadi Area, Dubai Safari Park

What to Expect?

1. Magic Phil’s Spellbinding Performance:

The highlight of the event is the magical presence of Magic Phil, who stole the show at the Nickelodeon Choice Awards. With his Safari-themed costume, he is poised to mesmerize the crowd and create an enchanting atmosphere throughout the day.

2. DJ Michelle Sets the Rhythm:

Adding beats to the spectacle is DJ Michelle, who will be on the decks, ensuring the perfect rhythm for a day of unbridled fun. Expect a variety of performances, from DJ sets to gymnastics displays, puppet shows, and sensational singing performances.

3. Meet the Kidfluencers:

The event boasts the presence of renowned Kidfluencers, including the Shfa Family, Vania Mania Kids, Heidi and Zidane, Jason Vlogs, and the dynamic duo Maya and Mary. Prepare to meet, greet, and mingle with these social media sensations, making the event a memorable experience for families and fans.

Dubai Safari Park Main Stage Schedule:

  • DJ Performance
  • Meet and Greets with Kidfluencers
  • 30-minute Magic Show by Magic Phil
  • 15-minute Puppet Show
  • Gymnastics Performance
  • Soulful Singing Performances

Exciting Extras:

  • Toy Giveaways: Throughout the day, there will be fantastic toy giveaways, ensuring that everyone leaves with a piece of the magic.

Family-Friendly Activities:

The event promises a myriad of activities for families to enjoy together:

  • Friendly Games and Competitions
  • Petting Zoo Exploration
  • Blown-up Activities Area
  • Face Painting
  • Balloon Animal Artists
  • Beloved Mascots

Behind the Magic:

This magical extravaganza is brought to you by ARC Management in partnership with Dubai Safari Park. Under the visionary leadership of Zachariah Al Tagiuri, ARC Management manages some of the largest children and family YouTube creators globally, with a collective audience in the hundreds of millions. Known for curating unforgettable family-focused experiences, ARC Management continues to set new standards in the entertainment and marketing industry. This event showcases their innovative approach, ensuring effective engagement with young audiences and families globally.

Get ready for a day of enchantment, entertainment, and unforgettable memories at the Dubai Safari Park’s ‘Meet and Greet’ with Kidfluencers and Magic Phil! Don’t miss out on the magic, and make this weekend an extraordinary one for your family.

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