Dubai Metro: Free Park and Ride Stations


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Dubai Metro: Dubai’s road network can get congested, especially during peak hours. But ditching your car and opting for public transport doesn’t have to mean wrestling with finding parking at your destination station. Dubai Metro innovative Park and Ride system offers a convenient and cost-effective solution, allowing you to park your car for free and seamlessly connect to the Dubai Metro network.

Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro: Three Stations, Endless Possibilities

Three strategically located Dubai Metro stations boast dedicated Park and Ride facilities:

  • Centrepoint Metro Station in Al Rashidiya, perfect for those residing in the eastern district.
  • Jebel Ali Metro Station in Jebel Ali, ideal for commuters in Dubai’s western zone.
  • Etisalat by e& Metro Station in Al Qusais, conveniently serving the central and northern areas.

Park, Ride, and Save!

The beauty of the Park and Ride system lies in its simplicity and affordability. As long as you’re using the Dubai metro to complete your journey, you can park your car absolutely free at any of these designated stations. This eliminates the stress of searching for parking at your destination and the associated costs, especially in busy areas.

Unlocking the Free Parking Perk

Here’s how to leverage the free parking benefit:

  1. Utilize Your Nol Card: The key to unlocking free parking lies in your trusty Nol card. Scan your active gold or silver Nol card at the designated parking entrance reader.
  2. Travel Seamlessly: Use the same Nol card you scanned at the entrance to pay for your metro journey. The system will automatically validate your parking upon successful fare payment.
  3. A Smooth Exit: When you’re ready to leave the station, simply scan your Nol card again at the parking exit reader. This will verify your parking validation and allow you to exit the car park free of charge.

Important Considerations:

  • No Nol Card? No Problem (But Maybe Not Free): Don’t have a Nol card? Don’t worry! You can still use the Park and Ride facilities. However, you’ll need to purchase a single-journey Red Nol ticket. While it won’t grant you free parking, it will allow you to pay for your parking upon exiting the station (rates typically around Dhs10 per hour, capped at Dhs50 per day). For frequent users, consider investing in a more cost-effective Nol card option like a monthly, six-month, or yearly pass.
  • Safeguard Your Nol Card: A lost Nol card can put a dent in your wallet. Losing your Nol card while your car is parked incurs a Dhs152 fine on top of any parking charges that may accrue.
  • Time Limits and Fines: The free parking benefit is not open-ended. You have a one-hour grace period after using your Nol card on the metro to exit the car park without incurring parking fees. Cars left unattended for over 48 hours risk being impounded. Additionally, vehicles parked for more than 24 hours will be subject to a daily fine of Dhs100, capped at Dhs1,000.

Embrace a Greener Commute

The Park and Ride system not only saves you money on parking but also promotes a more sustainable commute. By reducing reliance on personal vehicles, you’ll be contributing to a greener and less congested Dubai.

So, the next time you’re planning a trip on the Dubai Metro, consider taking advantage of the convenient and cost-effective Park and Ride program. Simply scan your Nol card, hop on the metro, and enjoy a stress-free commute!

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