Modi in UAE for Summit and Temple Inauguration


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Towering over Dubai, the iconic Burj Khalifa shone brightly in the night, not with its usual vibrant display, but with the unmistakable hues of the Indian flag. This illumination marked the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the UAE for a two-day visit, culminating in a keynote address at the prestigious World Government Summit and the inauguration of the first Hindu temple in Abu Dhabi.


More Than Just Lights:

This gesture symbolizes the deep and growing ties between India and the UAE, a relationship fostered by years of cooperation and mutual respect. It signifies the importance of the summit, where world leaders gather to discuss pressing global issues, and celebrates India’s position as the guest of honor.

UAE Welcomes PM Modi With Open Arms:

Dubai’s Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, extended a warm welcome to India, highlighting the “strong ties” and recognizing the potential for further collaboration. He lauded the World Government Summit as a platform for sharing best practices and shaping the future of governance, while emphasizing India’s contributions as a “distinguished guest.”

Personal Connections:

Prime Minister Modi himself expressed his sense of familiarity upon arriving in the UAE, stating that it “feels like home.” This sentiment underlines the deep-rooted connections built between the two nations through cultural exchange, trade, and a large Indian diaspora residing in the UAE.

Beyond Symbolism:

The visit extends beyond symbolic gestures. Modi’s participation in the summit offers an opportunity to engage with global leaders on critical issues like climate change, sustainability, and economic development. Additionally, the inauguration of the BAPS Mandir signifies a significant milestone for the Indian community in the UAE, offering a place of worship and cultural hub.


Beyond Borders:

Following his time in the UAE, PM Modi will journey to Qatar, solidifying India’s presence in the Gulf region and fostering strategic partnerships. This multi-nation visit represents a significant step in strengthening India’s diplomatic ties and promoting cooperation on a global scale.

Looking Ahead:

The illumination of the Burj Khalifa is just the beginning of a multifaceted visit with the potential to shape the future of India’s relationships within the Gulf region and beyond. As the World Government Summit convenes and the BAPS Mandir opens its doors, the world will be watching to see how this visit translates into concrete outcomes and long-lasting collaborations.

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