Understanding Dubai Notice Period Policy


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Dubai Notice Period Policy: Thinking about a new opportunity? Congratulations! But before you head off to celebrate, it’s crucial to understand the Dubai Notice Period Policy. This set of regulations ensures a smooth transition for both you and your employer when parting ways.

Dubai Notice Period Policy

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) recently took to social media (formerly known as Twitter) to clarify these essential guidelines.

Dubai Notice Period Policy: Understanding Your Rights

The Dubai Notice Period Policy outlines your rights and obligations when it comes to job termination. Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

  • Notice Period Length: The notice period for ending a work contract in Dubai falls within a specific range. It cannot be shorter than 30 days or exceed 90 days. This timeframe applies to both employees and employers.
  • Fulfilling Your Duties: During the notice period, employees are legally required to continue performing their job duties diligently.
  • Notice Period Allowance: Failure to comply with the notice period by either party comes with a consequence. The non-compliant party must compensate the other party with a “notice period allowance.” This essentially means paying the employee their regular wages for the remaining days of the unserved notice period. The allowance is calculated based on your most recent salary.
  • Early Termination by Mutual Agreement: There’s some flexibility! Both you and your employer can agree to shorten or even waive the notice period entirely. This option requires a mutual agreement and clear communication.
  • Employer-Initiated Termination: If your employer decides to terminate your contract, they must provide a written notice and conduct a proper investigation before taking any action.
  • Employee-Initiated Termination: There are situations where you can leave a job without serving the notice period. This includes cases where your employer fails to fulfill their contractual obligations to you, doesn’t rectify the issue within two weeks of notification to MoHRE, or creates an unsafe work environment.

Additional Points to Consider

  • Employer’s Responsibilities During Notice Period: If your employer terminates your contract, they are obligated to grant you one unpaid day off per week during the notice period to search for a new job. However, you must give them a three-day heads-up before taking this day off.
  • Reasons for Employer-Initiated Early Termination: There are specific reasons an employer can use to dismiss you before the notice period ends. These include disclosing confidential business information, extended absences without valid justification, or joining a new company without following proper procedures.

Staying Informed

Understanding the Dubai Notice Period Policy empowers you to make informed decisions regarding your employment. While this blog provides a general overview, it’s always recommended to consult the official MoHRE resources or seek legal advice for specific situations.

By familiarizing yourself with the Dubai Notice Period Policy, you can ensure a smooth and respectful transition during a job change, protecting both your rights and those of your employer.

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