Chinar Sports Festival 2024 Kicks Off Excitement Among UAE Residents


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Dubai, UAE – As the new year unfolds, hundreds of UAE residents hailing from various Asian countries are eagerly gearing up for the much-anticipated Chinar Sports Festival. Spanning an impressive 45 days, this festival is set to captivate sports enthusiasts in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman, showcasing a vibrant array of athletic competitions and fostering a sense of community.

Commencing on January 7th with a thrilling Badminton tournament in Dubai, the Chinar Sports Festival is not just about sports—it’s a celebration of health and unity. Aimed at encouraging expatriates to embrace a healthy lifestyle, the festival is organized by the Chinar Wing, a dedicated community group registered with the Pakistan Association Dubai.

Chinar Sports Festival

Chinar Sports Festival: Tree Plantation Campaign

One of the unique initiatives of the Chinar Sports Festival is a tree plantation campaign. Raja Asad Khalid, the festival organizer, expressed their commitment to environmental conservation by planting Chinar trees in Dubai, India, and Pakistan. With the Chinar tree facing endangerment in Pakistan, this endeavor aims to protect and promote the growth of these trees. The planting locations include the UAE, Srinagar, and Muzaffarabad. Additionally, a ‘Chinar Bachao Campaign’ will be launched to raise awareness about the impact of climate change on Chinar trees.

Chinar Sports Festival

During a press conference in Dubai, Raja Asad Khalid highlighted the main sponsors’ pivotal role, acknowledging Raja Mohammad Khan of RMK Industries, Sajid Iqbal Abbasi, CEO of Fly Hawk, Sardar Ayaz, CEO of Silver City Housing Project in Rawalpindi, and Raja Abdul Jabbar, CEO of Liva Real Estate, for their generous support.

President of the Chinar Wing, Raja Amjad Kabir, emphasized that the Chinar Sports Festival 2024 goes beyond being a mere sporting event—it’s a grand community gathering uniting people from different countries. This event, organized under the banner of Chinar Super League for the past four years, has become a symbol of unity and camaraderie.

Tournaments scheduled for the Chinar Sports Festival include the Chinar Super League and the Chinar Premier League T10 cricket tournaments, featuring a total of 16 participating teams. The cricket tournaments will unfold in Sharjah and Ajman from February 9 to February 18. Simultaneously, the badminton tournament is set to kick off on January 7 in Dubai, with 50 teams vying for victory. For volleyball enthusiasts, the tournament will commence on January 13.

In essence, the Chinar Sports Festival promises not only a feast of athletic prowess but also an immersive experience of cultural exchange and community bonding. As the festival unfolds over 45 days, it is expected to leave a lasting impact on the participating residents, promoting the spirit of sportsmanship and fostering a healthier lifestyle among the expatriate community in the UAE.

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