Hair Loss in the UAE: Beyond Water – Experts Reveal Hidden Culprits


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Many expats in the UAE blame hair loss on the region’s water, heat, or air conditioning. While these factors might contribute, experts reveal a more nuanced picture: lifestyle changes, stress, and hormonal fluctuations play a significant role.

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Link between Environment and Hair Loss through Epigenetics

The Epigenetic Link: Dr. Hussein Abdelrazik, a specialist dermatologist, sheds light on the complex link between environment and hair loss through epigenetics. He explains how dietary changes, from home-cooked meals to processed food, can alter the epigenome, a system regulating gene expression. This “unhealthy epigenome”, triggered by factors like sugar-rich meals, can activate hair loss genes.

Stress and Hormones: Dr. Naglaa Ramzy, another dermatologist, highlights the impact of stress and hormones, especially on women. Moving to a new country, starting a new job, and adapting to a different environment all contribute to stress, a known hair loss trigger. Additionally, hormonal changes during pregnancy, lactation, menopause, or due to medical conditions like PCOS can also lead to hair loss.

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Men vs. Women: While both genders experience hairloss, the underlying causes differ. Men are more prone to genetic hair loss, characterized by receding hairlines and thinning crowns, known as male pattern baldness. Women, on the other hand, experience diffuse thinning across the scalp or a wider parting line.

Seeking Solutions: Experts emphasize the importance of addressing the root cause of hair loss. This may involve vitamin supplements, managing underlying health conditions, adopting a healthy lifestyle, and consulting a dermatologist for personalized treatment options. Dr. Ramzy stresses the importance of consulting a dermatologist to find the most effective solution, especially if the problem persists.

Personal Experiences: Many expats share their concerns. Abu Dhabi resident Felizze Faye Navarro describes her once voluminous hair and the additional salon charges it used to incur. Now, she faces significant hair loss. Similarly, Bhavya Rao, an Indian expat, emphasizes the alarming amount of hair she finds after brushing.

Beyond Filters and Supplements: While some expats resort to showerhead filters and hair supplements, experts caution against relying solely on these solutions. Addressing the underlying causes and seeking professional advice are crucial for effective hair loss management.

Understanding the complex interplay between lifestyle, stress, hormones, and genetics is key to managing hairloss in the UAE. Consulting a dermatologist can help identify the root cause and develop a personalized treatment plan for optimal results. Remember, it’s not just about the water; it’s about understanding the bigger picture.

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