Emirates Advises Passengers to Prepare for Potential Delays


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Emirates, the largest airline in Dubai, is urging passengers flying out of Dubai International Airport (DXB) this week to allow extra travel time due to anticipated heavy rain. The UAE government raised the alert level on Wednesday, May 1st, as the region braces for potential flooding.


Emirates: Travel Delays Expected Due to Road Conditions

The primary concern is the impact of heavy rain on road conditions surrounding DXB. Flooding is a significant risk, which could lead to travel delays and disruptions.

Recommendations for Passengers

To mitigate potential issues, Emirates advises passengers departing DXB this week to take the following steps:

  • Allow Extra Travel Time: Plan to leave for the airport significantly earlier than usual to account for potential traffic congestion caused by rain.
  • Consider Dubai Metro: Emirates recommends using the Dubai Metro as an alternative to road transportation. The Dubai Metro will extend operational hours at five stations until 5:00 am on Thursday, May 2nd, specifically to assist travelers reaching the airport terminals.
  • Monitor Flight Status: Passengers are encouraged to utilize smartphone apps to stay updated on their flight status. This will allow them to make informed decisions and adjust their travel plans as necessary.

Statement from Emirates

A statement from Emirates Airlines reads: “Heavy thunderstorms are forecast in Dubai on Thursday, May 2nd. If you’re traveling to Dubai International Airport, you may experience road delays. We recommend adding extra travel time to reach the airport and using Dubai Metro where possible.”

Impact of April Storms

The current situation is reminiscent of the heavy rain experienced in Dubai during April, which caused significant disruptions. Over 2,155 flights were canceled, and an additional 115 flights were diverted due to severe weather conditions and flooding.

Expected Rainfall Less Severe

While the rainfall anticipated for Wednesday and Thursday is expected to be “less severe” than last month, authorities are urging the public to remain cautious and take necessary precautions.

Planning Ahead is Key

By following Emirates’ recommendations and remaining informed about the weather situation, passengers flying out of DXB this week can minimize the impact of potential delays and ensure a smooth travel experience.

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