Emirates Soars Back to Nigeria: Daily Flights Resume in October 2024


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Calling all travellers to and from Nigeria! Buckle up for exciting news – Emirates is officially returning to the skies above Nigeria with daily flights resuming later this year.

This announcement marks a significant development for both Emirates and Nigerian travellers. The popular route, inactive since 2022, will be revived on October 1st, 2024, offering enhanced connectivity between Lagos and Dubai.


Enhanced Connectivity with Daily Service

Passengers can rejoice in a convenient daily service utilizing a Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. Departing Dubai at 9:45 am, the flight will arrive in Lagos by 3:20 pm local time. The return journey takes off from Lagos at 5:30 pm, touching down in Dubai at 5:10 am the next day.

A World of Comfort and Entertainment Awaits

The Emirates experience is renowned for its comfort and in-flight entertainment. This route will be no exception. Passengers can choose from 8 luxurious First Class suites, 42 spacious Business Class seats, and 304 comfortable Economy Class seats.

Emirates takes its commitment to regional experiences a step further. Passengers can tantalize their taste buds with a delectable menu inspired by Nigerian cuisine. The entertainment options have also received a boost, with 23 captivating Nigerian movies added to the already extensive in-flight library.

Official Statements Reflect Excitement and Partnership

Adnan Kazim, Emirates’ Deputy President and Chief Commercial Officer, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are excited to resume our services to Nigeria. The Lagos-Dubai service has traditionally been popular, and we aim to reconnect leisure and business travelers to Dubai and beyond to our network exceeding 140 destinations.” He further extended gratitude to the Nigerian government “for their partnership and support in re-establishing this route.”

Beyond Passengers: Cargo Support for Businesses

The return of Emirates flights signifies positive news not only for passengers but also for Nigerian businesses. Emirates SkyCargo resumes alongside passenger services, offering valuable export opportunities to the UAE, Hong Kong, and Bahrain.

Emirates Takes Flight in Multiple Ways

This announcement regarding Nigeria comes on the heels of another exciting development – the resumption of daily flights to Edinburgh, Scotland, starting November 4th, 2024. Additionally, Emirates recently celebrated strong financial performance with a 20-week salary bonus for staff.

The resumption of flights to Nigeria strengthens Emirates’ commitment to connecting people and businesses across the globe. With a focus on enhanced connectivity, comfort, and in-flight entertainment, passengers can look forward to a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

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